OSYRON - Momentous


Album: Momentous

Genre: Progmetal

Release Date: November 4th, 2022

Country: Canada

Label: Self-Released


Canadian progressive powermetal quintet OSYRON already appeared on my radar a few years ago when they released their amazing album “Foundations”. Since I really liked what I heard back then, I was looking forward to their album No4, which is called “Momentous” and will be out on November 4th. Thematically, it deals with personal struggles and emotions, caused by the battles humanity has faced during recent years through sickness and isolation, but is also about overcoming the obstacles when viewing them from different perspectives and going beyond them.

The opening track “Anunnaki” gives a good impression of the direction their new work is gonna take us musically, as the sound is a good pinch heavier and more modern than before because of the djent-driven rhythmic. Bass and guitar come along dark and hard-hitting, with some melodious interplays from the latter. The vocals are mostly clean and often multi-layered, with screams and growls in between, which adds even more expression and a great variety. 

Next up is “Dominion Day”, that remains into these powerful fields. Every now and then, they slow down a bit, let also classical instruments show up with some traditional vibes, before returning into the high energetic metal mode. They also further play with these ingredients during “The Deafening”, keep the song-writing interesting and the music punchy. “Landslide” leans into the thrash direction first and delivers the rawest part here, before switching to a catchy chorus. 

The following “Sorrow and Extinction” might please fans of ballads, as they offer beautiful melody lines over strong sound structures. “Beyond the Sun” builds up tension slowly but surely, comes along with a great guitar solo in the middle. “Awake” is another more balladic track, with faster rhythm patterns adding some pressure while the song progresses. 

For the title track they take the time of over 12 minutes to let it grow with different musical motifs and styles, but I have to admit they lose me a bit towards the end. “Prairie Sailor” is a melancholic piece, only performed with vocals and a light soundscape in the background. The final “Beacons” brings once more their heavy side to the table, closes the album with a blast. 

All-together, "Momentous" is a huge step forward for OSYRON, and it's awesome to hear how much they further developed as musicians and composers. The new album is heavier, darker, and more consistent than their previous work, the modern, rhythm-driven sound suits them well. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of melody and variety into their music, which makes the songs accessible, yet interesting over a longer time, and a great listen. Crank it up! 

Written by Katha


Reed Alton - Vocals

Krzysztof Stalmach - Guitar

Bobby Harley - Guitar

Tyler Corbett - Bass 

Cody Anstey - Drums


1. Anunnaki

2. Dominion Day 

3. The Deafening 

4. Landslide 

5. Sorrow and Extinction 

6. Beyond the Sun 

7. Awake

8. Momentous 

9. Prairie Sailor 

10. Beacons  


Momentous - 2022

Foundations - 2020

Kingsbane - 2017

Harbinger - 2013