3 RULES - Rule of 3


Album: Rule of 3

Genre: Instrumental progrock fusion

Release Date: December 11th, 2020

Country: USA

Label: Self-Released


Do you like your music groovy, sophisticated, yet melodic? Here we go with the instrumental fusion trio 3 RULES and their debut album "Rule of 3", which was released on December 11th, 2020. Initially started in 2017 by Jason Rullo, who is best known as fantastic drummer for mighty SYMPHONY X, he joined forces with bassist Artha Meadors and guitarist Ron Sanborn, who became also the main songwriter. All three musicians bring in a myriad of influences like R&B, funk and jazz (just to name a few besides metal), excellent technical skills and lots of experience.

The cover artwork is puristic with only logo and title on it, and so are the accompanying videos, that focus on the musicians without any distractions (which is very impressive by the way). Let's do the same with the music, as it deserves full attention.

"Rule of 3" contains nine songs with an incredible groove, from heavy over  jazzy to funky.  Guess it’s no surprise when I tell you that the drumming is excellent, and it’s great to hear all these versatile sides of Jason’s playing. The bass lines are so smooth (like on “Tropic is a Dancer” for example), it’s a huge listening pleasure, and the next moment, Artha pushes the songs forward with lots of pressure. Same for the guitar, whith Ron offering a wide range of sounds and styles, plenty of serious shredding and beautiful melodies.

You can hear a lot of highly technical playing from all three musicians, but always as a unit, and with serving the songs. If you have a soft spot for sophisticated, varied, but still accessible instrumental music, you shouldn’t sleep on this one :-)

Written by Katha


Jason Rullo - Drums

Artha Meadors - Bass 

Ron Sanborn - Guitar


1. Creature

2. Momento Mori

3. Tropic of Dancer

4. From Maine to Spain

5. Brain Damage

6. Rule of 3

7. 34b

8. Kill the Pain

9. Bad Preacher


Rule of 3 - 2020