Welcome to prog-princess' musical journey

Sometimes you just have to go for it... Influenced by several people and developments over the past months, I decided to give this new adventure a try and start my own blog, dedicated to the music I love. \m/

Metal in all its glory is an important part of my life, and attending concerts my “happy place”. The passion for this grew in the early 90s, with all its ups and downs. The musical landscape has changed a lot since then, digitalization brought problems for bands, but also new opportunities for them and their fans. One of the main challenges is to be seen / heard in times of information overflow. 

What remained is the mesmerizing effect of music - It’s always there, and to dive into the chords and melodies is an incredible gift for me. 

One can find countless amazing bands, old and new, if you only keep eyes and ears opened, and I want to share my thoughts here about albums that return to my player regularly. I'm aware that I can only scratch on the surface at the moment, but there has to be a starting point, more things are in progress. I'll have a look on the current releases, but also want to give shout-outs to albums that grew over a longer time and still unfold their magic, as fortunately, music has no expiration date. 

Welcome to check them out, maybe you'll find something for your listening pleasure. And when you like what you hear, show the bands some love. There are many great ways to support them!

September 2020