Looking back at my own musical journey over the past years, I noticed a growing community of like-minded people who passionately work in the background for our beloved music, most of them in their spare time, but also realized that they're not necessarily connected with each other. So the idea of "Behind the Scenes" evolved with the intention to shine a light on these writers or content creaters by introducing them and their work, and also to expand this topic with those who are part of the creative process (like painter or producer e.g.), but are not so much in the focus as the bands or musicians.

The first spot belongs to the one who inspired me for this new interview series, Dario Albrecht, and I'm glad he joined me for a chat :-) Welcome to read more about THE PROGSPACE and one of its founders here:

Next up is UK based painter Ryan T. Hancock, whose art fascinates me since I came across his work a few years ago, and which is responsible for the one or other album blind buy as well as some amazing musical discoveries. Welcome to learn more about him here