Many countries are famous for their music scene, and sometimes strongly connected with stereotypes or a genre. Others are maybe not on the radar as a typical rock / metal nation, but discovering a band in a new area often brings even more to light. 

The idea behind “Prog Around the World” is to travel musically and find new bands on this trip, or learn more about those who might be familiar already. Welcome to jump on this journey 😊 

We'll start in Germany with the amazing progband CRYPTEX. I had the opportunity to chat with their guitarist André Mertens. Check it out here

Check out the interview with CRYPTEX here

Next up, we visit OBSIDIAN TIDE from Tel Aviv. The trio plays progressive melodeath, and caught my attention with their great debut album "Pillars of Creation" back in 2019.  Find out more about their work here

Read the interview with Obsidian Tide here

Let's travel Northwards to Århus in Denmark, which is the home of THEORY.  The quintet offers sophisticated, powerful, yet melodic progmetal. Welcome to read the interview here

Read the interview with Theory here

We head over to Sweden's capital Stockholm and visit the progband ASTRAKHAN. They just released their third studio album "A Slow Ride Towards Death", and I had the great pleasure to chat with Per Schelander about it. Find out more here:

Read the interview with Astrakhan here