Many countries are famous for their music scene, and sometimes strongly connected with stereotypes or a genre. Others are maybe not on the radar as a typical rock / metal nation, but discovering a band in a new area often brings even more to light.

The idea behind “Prog Around the World” is to travel musically and find new bands on this trip, or learn more about those who might be familiar already. 

A huge thanks to all who followed and supported this adventure from the beginning, and a warm welcome to those who joined us along the way. You can find the all interviews from 2021 here

Let's see, where 2022 is gonna take us :-)


With the release of their debut EP "Cursed Lands" on January 21st, the quintet introduced themselves with a blast. Welcome to learn more about them here

LASTERA - Denmark

And here we go, from the US straight to Denmark and the second great powermetal discovery on January 21st, as LASTERA also released their debut on that day. Read more about "From the Ashes" and their background here

TY MORN - France

From Denmark, it's not too far to beautiful Brittany in France, where we meet the man behind international, traditional metal band project TY MORN: Aron Biale. He told me more about their new album "Last Villain Testament" among others, welcome to learn more here 


Our journey takes us to the USA again, more precisely to New York. ETERNAL ASCENT released their amazing debut album "Reclamation" on January 22nd, 2022, offering passionate powermetal with symphonic and neoclassical elements. Welcome to learn more about them here


Next up, we're heading to Athens. Greek quintet THE SILENT WEDDING released their third record "Ego Path" on February 11th, 2022, and told me more about their background, the album's topics, and the story behind their name. Welcome to read our chat here 

ANTHRIEL - Finland

We head northwards again to Tampere in Finland. Timo Niemistö is guitarist and song-writer for progmetal band ANTHRIEL, and had some great stories to tell about the band's background, their beautiful cover artworks, and the metal scene in their hometown. Check it out here


Let's stay in Scandinavia for another stop, and we further revel in time. Heavy progrock band VULKAN caught my attention in 2020 with their wonderful album "Technatura", and last year, their guitarist Christian Fredriksson also released his first instrumental solo record, which quickly became another favorite. Welcome to read more here 


We stay in Europe, but move south to Italy. With their third album - "The Blue Dawn" - progmetal band ODD DIMENSION delivered a fantastic space journey, and one of my favorite records of 2021. Bassist and founding member Gigi Andreone told me more about their work, check it out here


Our journey takes us to Los Angeles, where we meet with Adam Sears, founder, keyboarder and singer for progrock act LOBATE SCARP. They just released their beautiful, new album an May 6th, 2022, and gave us some amazing insights into the band's history and their current record. Read our chat here


Next up, we're heading to the Black Forest, which is the home of symphonic powermetal band TIMELESS RAGE. Even though they have been around for more than 10 years now, they just released their great debut album "Untold" on February 25th, 2022, and told me more about their development and the amazing cover artwork. Check it out here


For the first time, our journey takes us to Canada, and we're visiting the northern area for a chat with the mastermind behind THE MIDGARD PROJECT. The symphonic progmetal act released their amazing, new album on March 11th, 2022, welcome to learn more about their background and the stunning cover art here


We're heading back to Europe and visit Emmanuelson in Grenoble, singer and guitarist in psycho metal band ELLIPSIS (among others). With "Sadistikal Mentaculus", they released their fifth album on May 13th, 2022, their first within 13 years. Welcome to read our chat here  

XAON - France

Sometimes, it just makes me happy how things fall into their place here... Having discovered symphonic deathmetal act XAON recently as a Swiss band, it turned out that they're now officially located in France, not even one hour away from our last stop. Singer and producer Rob Carson told me why, and also more about the band's history and the concept of their new album, "The Lethean". Check it out here


We move North again, back to Canada, and visit Matt Marinelli, singer and guitarist of prog / powermetal band BOREALIS. They release their new album "Illusions" on October 7th, 2022 via AFM Records, welcome to learn more about it here


This international project crossed my musical path already in 2021. Since the two musicians live on the other side of the world and have never met each other, everything is done completely online. They are set to release their next album on November 9th, and took the time to tell me more about their kind of writing music together among others. Welcome to read our chat here

IRONSTONE - Australia

It's for the first time this year that we make a trip to down under, and we visit the young progmetal band IRONSTONE. Their guitarist Edward told me about their new EP "The Place I Cannot Find", which was released on October 29th, its mystical cover artwork, and their background. Read more here


As the year comes to a close, it's time to return back home (at least from my point of view ;-) Heavy / speed metal quartet FIREPHOENIX are from south Germany, and their same-named debut album, which came out on November 11th, 2022, offered a welcomed opportunity for a chat with their guitarist Nick. Read more about them here


At the end of the year, we make another circle round and return to my hometown Munich. Heavy rock band MONOMANIC caught me quickly with their powerful live performance, when they opened for Valley of the Sun and King Buffalo, and they told me more about their debut "Lágrimas" and their musical background. Welcome to read our chat here