ABEL SEQUERA - Soundscapes


Album: Soundscapes

Genre: (Mostly) Instrumental Progmetal

Release Date: March 3rd, 2023

Country: Spain, International

Label: Scarified Records


Having spent the first months of 2023 rather on the heavier and more dissonant side of prog, I felt like I needed some beautiful melodies and harmonies again to dive into, so the appearance of ABEL SEQUERA’s new album in my inbox happened at the right time I guess ;-) It is called “Soundscapes”, was released on March 3rd via Scarified Records, and announced as an “epic progressive rock/metal journey“. Reading through the names of the 50! musicians involved shows the “who is who” of the current scene, but at the same time I was a bit concerned that this could become more a lining up of great, but non-contiguous solo parts. 

Fortunately, the Spanish drummer and his illustrious guests proved me wrong, since this record is a strong unit, fluid in its composition, and a wonderful listen from the first to the last second. Together, they tell the spiritual and philosophical journey of a Being, roaming the unknown in search of new horizons, through places long traveled by ancient seekers, and discovering new paths previously unexplored. 

Music-wise, the album is as colorful as the amazing cover artwork and the beautiful booklet illustrations, which were created by Fernando Navajo from Visual Decay. Besides some spoken words in between, "Saghillie Illahie", and the final "Tabula Rasa - A place Called Home", which got some great vocals, they offer pure instrumental prog at its finest. All parts are skillfully performed but naturally interwoven, which makes the music consistent yet varied, navigating the listener through the journey's twists and turns in a marvelous way. 

All-together, "Soundscapes" is a mesmerizing record, and I'm rather impressed regarding the excellent musicianship coming along that unexcited as it does here. Everything fits perfectly together and can make you forget how many musicians are involved. Highly resommended ffo melodious, yet sophisticated instrumental progmetal, enjoy the ride :-)  

Written by Katha


Guitars: Roland Grapow, Magnus Henriksson, Pete Lesperance, Mats Haugen, Jeff Kollman, Simone Mularoni, Bill Hudson, Tony Hernando, Marcelo Barbosa, Mike Abdow, Benjamin Ellis, Brendt Allman, Daniel Palmqvist, Max Ostro, Michael Harris, Richard Hallebeek, Chris Brooks, Marcel Coenen, Milan Polak, Markus Sigfridsson, Ponch Satrio, Robert Rodrigo, Blake Scopino, Alberto Barrero, Eddy Gary, Antonio Maties, Mario Jović, Albert Florenza and Carles Salse

Keyboards: Derek Sherinian, Diego Tejeida, Gary Wehrkamp, Mikael Blanc, Mistheria, Sergey Boykov, Ariel Perchuk, Kyke Serrano, Eduardo Gongora and Rio Ricardo.
Bass: Mike Lepond, Philip Bynoe, Randy George, Andreas Blomqvist, Miguel Pereira, Jonas Kuhlberg, Joan Vigo and Alex Romeu

Vocals: Michael Vescera, Marco Basile, Marina LaTorraca, Roger Batlle, Johny Giner and Deo Boko

Sax: Nelson Rangell

Voice-overs: Paul Logue, Luke DeMain.

Drums: Abel Sequera



1. The Beginning of the End - The Departure

2. Beyond Known Frontiers - Traveller Companion

3. In the Steps of Pioneers - Old Paths to Discovery

4. Wreck of Souls - The Storm

5. Saghillie Illahie - The Island

6. Above the Summit - The Rapture

7. Maat - Cosmic Order

8. Tabula Rasa - A Place Called Home