AEONS - Consequences


Album: Consequences

Genre: Progmetal

Release Date: September 10th, 2021

Country: Isle of Man

Label: Self-released


Overwhelmed by the creativity showing up from all over the world this year, I’d like to guide your ear to the Isle of Man for a moment and invite you to listen to AEONS' second album “Consequences”. It was self-released on September 10th, 2021, and comes along packed with strength and finesse. While their debut “A Tragic End” from 2019 had a rather pale cover art, record No2 is black with a glowing butterfly, which can be found in variations on the back and inside as well, changing color and expression. The detailed booklet is worth an extra mention, as each track got its own amazing illustration. 

But with all visual beauty, music-wise this album is a mind-blowing beast inside: a short, spoken intro, a few powerful, rough beats, and off we go to the “Rubicon”. Crushing riffs and pounding rhythms coming out of the speaker, that will probably make you mosh through the living room, and the vocals will do the rest for it, as they are highly expressive during the verse. For the chorus, they calm down, just to explode again the next second, with singer Skippy switching from one to the other mode effortlessly.

Next up is “Hades and Persephone”, telling one of the most misunderstood mythological stories in all its brutal glory. The song starts dreamy, then develops with an incredible variety, and even though AEONS' playing is highly technical, there’s always a melody and an amazing flow into their music. And they manage to keep this tension over the whole album, each song different and absolutely well written. 

In the middle of “Consequences”, they give the listener a little rest with an all acoustic offering - “Blight” – but it’s nevertheless an intense one. The “Thoughts of a Dying Astronaut” are an emotional rollercoaster, perfectly caught by the music with a wide range from furious to calm, thoughtful moments. AEONS close their second album with the 11+ minutes prog epic “Evelyn”, a story about betrayal, revenge and redemption, and deliver another expressive firework of their art.

What we have here is one of this year's hot Top5 contenders at Mostly Metal’s headquarter, as AEONS offer an incredible album with seven thought-provoking tracks. United by excellent, diverse song-writing, “Consequences” is packed with mighty riffs and thrilling guitar work, pushed forward by a rhythm section on fire. But with all technical finesse, you can hear the joy of playing in their music. The vocals deliver all kinds of emotions in an amazing variety and mind-blowing expression. With the beautiful, visual design as well as the great production, they complete the experience as a whole. Give it a spin if you're ready to cross the rubicon, as this album is highly addictive \m/

Written by Katha


Justin Wallace - Drums

Skippy Hilton - Vocals  

Joe Holland - Bass

Si Harvey – Guitars, Vocals

Scott Sayer – Guitar, Vocals


1. Rubicon

2. Hades and Persephone

3. Lighthouse

4. Blight

5. Thoughts of a Dying Astronaut

6. Bloodstains

7. Evelyn


A Tragic End - 2019 

Consequences - 2021