ANTHEA - Tales Untold


Album: Tales Untold 

Genre: Symphonic Powermetal

Release Date: August 26th, 2022

Country: USA

Label: Rockshots Records


ANTHEA are a symphonic powermetal band from Los Angeles, which started as a small side project by singer, keyboardist and producer Diego Valadez and the idea to simply record an EP with some friends, which was supposed to be the end already. But as often things developed differently, so this year sees them releasing their second album via Rockshots Records on August 26th, 2022: “Tales Untold”, and the beautiful cover artwork woke my interest at once. 

The record opens with the title track, which is about the interconnectivity of art and the inspiration given to new generations through novels, music, movies or poetry. ANTHEA’s sound brings in all ingredients for fans of the genre with a full background orchestration, pushing rhythmic, powerful guitar playing, and great melody lines. Most of the vocal parts are sung with some growls inbetween, adding another expressive side when needed. 

The following "Ascendence" remains in these vigorous symphonic fields, and deals with the frustration of seeing people fall into drug and alcohol abuse. "Song for Winter" is a celebration of nature's beauty lyrically, wants to capture that feeling resting on a fireplace by slowing down a bit musically. I like the piano and guitar parts here, but somehow it doesn't click completely with me, maybe because the vocals feel too detached. 

"The Deceiver" comes along angry and high energetic, which fits well to the topic of having trusted the wrong person, and is one of my highlights musically. "Sapiens" brings in some mesmerizing oriental rhythmic- as well as melodic patterns and offers a reflection on the human evolution. With "Memoriam" they share another balladic track, which is about keeping the memory alive of a late, beloved person. For the next three songs they return to their faster style, which I like way more than the slow parts, before they end "Tales Untold" with a cover version of Robbi Robb's "In Time".

All-together, ANTHEA offer a strong second album, that might please fans of power- as well as symphonic metal, with the gorgeous visual appearance fitting well to the music. While I enjoy the energy and huge harmonies they build up for the faster songs, with "Ascendence", "The Deceiver" and "Sapiens" being some of my favorites here, I'm not so much into the slower tracks, as they lack a bit of the needed warmth for me. Compositions and production are consistent and well done, the songs skillfully performed, making "Tales Untold" a great listen - Crank it up \m/

Written by Katha


Diego Valadez - Vocals, Keyboards

Juan Pina - Guitar, Screams

Marcos Mejia - Guitar

Eric Guerrero - Bass

Peter Vasquez - Drums


1. Tales Untold

2. Ascendence 

3. Song for Winter 

4. The Deceiver 

5. Sapiens 

6. Memoriam

7. Looking Glass

8. Empyrean

9. Sunder Heart

10. In Time


Illusion - 2020

Tales Untold - 2022