APOTHEUS - Ergo Atlas


Album: Ergo Atlas

Genre: Progmetal

Release Date: October 6th, 2023

Country: Portugal 

Label: Black Lion Records


Inspired by the work of science fiction author Issac Asimov, the new album “Ergo Atlas” of Portuguese progmetal band APOTHEUS is a direct sequel to their 2019 released "The Far Star". The new epic takes place Millions of years after their last mission and tells about an artificial intelligence coming up with an ingenious plan that puts life in the Universe at risk. 

Sound-wise, they sit somewhere between Evergrey and Soen with their kind of musical storytelling, clicking all boxes ffo rather dark, heavy prog. Fitting to the plot they come along with a good variety in their compositions, building up dense soundscapes to catch the gloomy sci-fi atmosphere, accompanied by a challenging rhythmic and some marvelous guitar action, giving room for the vocals to unfold the saga. 

While it took me a bit to get into “Ergo Atlas”, the knowledge about the background helped to dive deeper into this journey, and it was worth it.

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)


Miguel Andrade - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Luís "Gold Monkey" - Lead Guitar

Daniel Rocha - Bass

Albano “von Hammer” - Drums


1. Shape and Geometry

2. The Unification Project

3. Firewall

4. Cogito

5. Ergo Bellum

6. March to Redemption

7. Alphae's Sons

8. Re: union

9. Re: genesis