Album: Home

Genre: Progmetal

Release Date: September 9th, 2022

Country: Germany / International

Label: Self-Released


ARDARITH is an international progmetal project created by German guitarist, composer and producer Max Pfaffinger, sharing their debut “Home” on September 9th, 2022. The name “Ardarith” is a mix of Tolkien’s word „Arda” for “the world” and “Spirit”, and they're set to take the listener on a musical journey with a philosophical approach. "Home" is a concept album with 5 different singers and an ongoing story, following “Me” (Rob Lundgren) on his search what home is about – as a place, and in a metaphorical way. On this journey, the protagonist is accompanied by his emotions - Hope (Alina Lesnik), Despair (Daniel de Jongh), Guilt (Liv Jagrell) and Memory (Alexander Göhs) - and even though the album follows a story-line, the lyrics also leave enough space for individual interpretation.

The journey starts with a "Prologue", melancholic, thoughtful, and beautiful in its instrumentation. The mix of background sounds shows the reason for “Me” leaving his place, and he comes in dialogue with “Hope” and “Despair”, who caught me at once with their wonderful voices. 

The music slowly grows heavier before we “Enter the Void”, and the illustrious ensemble taking us on this wild ride. By melting all kinds of musical styles from classic to metal, they deliver many ingredients for a prog-lovers heart. I’m mesmerized by the long instrumental parts and the great, diverse vocal performances, who express the feelings and the journey in an impressive way, not to forget about these playful details: a little waltz or a bit of flamenco here, a surprising rhythm change or a peaceful moment there… While there is the one or other little length at the beginning, the album gets better the further it progresses, with “Lay Down to Sleep”, “Awakening”, and the final “Disclosure” being the highlight for me. 

“Home” is an amazing debut, consistent in concept and realization. The different, great voices work well in the context, so does the mix of classical and rock instruments, with all involved artists performing skillfully and passionate. Due to Max' great creativity in his song-writing as well as the detailed production, the album grows with every spin. Even though the project was originally inspired by the war in Syria in 2015 with thousands of people having to leave, the state of the world isn’t better right now, and the record’s theme still more than current unfortunately. So ARDARITH gives us wonderful music to dive in, and something to think about. Check it out!

Written by Katha


Rob Lundgren as „Me“
Alina Lesnik as „Hope“
Daniël de Jongh as “Despair”
Liv Jagrell as „Guilt“
Alexander Göhs as „Memory“

Maxx Hertweck - Drums
Marco Schuler - Guitar
Daniel Unzner - Bass
Ben Eifert - Keyboard Arrangements
Lisa Hellmich - Violin
Rowan Hamwood - Flute

Guest Musicians:

Martin Schnella – Gitarrensolo
Julian Kellner – Gitarrensolo
Markus Steffen – Gitarrensolo
Menna Youssef – Gastgesang “Mother“
Mohannad Nasser – Oud Solo
Marcel Coenen – Gitarrensolo
Markus Maichel – Keyboardsolo
Ben Eifert – Gitarrensolo


1. Prologue

2. Enter the Void

3. A Moment of Silence

4. Hope

5. Lay Down to Sleep

6. Awakening

7. Open the Lock

8. The Key

9. Disclosure


Home - 2022