Beneath The Silence

Album: Black Lights

Genre: Modern Melodic Metal

Release Date: February 11th, 2022

Country: Denmark

Label: Prime Collective


Having been around for nearly ten years and with two EPs under their belt, Danish melodic metal powerhouse BENEATH THE SILENCE are ready to unleash their debut album “Black Lights” on February 11th, 2022 via Prime Collective. The somber cover artwork reflects the overall lyrical topics, as it’s a record about being mentally in a dark place, exploring the hopelessness that might be found when you’re broken, and how it feels losing yourself and your dreams.

The first track “All I See” is a fine example for describing what this quintet has to offer music-wise: opening with a mindblowing riff, they have my attention from the beginning. High-energetic drumming and the hard-hitting bass push the song forward even more. Mette Hessellund comes along with an amazing range in her melody lines, powerful in her expression, and with the lyrics well understandable. Even though the rhythmic is djent-driven, the vocals get by without these for this style typical screams fortunately. During the chorus, the instruments step back for a moment, just to hit in again with full power afterwards, which brings in even more dynamic. Another important part is the full sounding yet detailed mixing done by Nicklas Sonne, supporting the strength of their music in a great way.

This formula works very well over the whole album, as the above mentioned ingredients can be found in each song, but with every track getting elements on its own, and some variations in tempo and composition. Favorites of mine are for sure the powerful "All I See", "Take Over Me" and "Over the Edge", but they also convince with the catchier "Break You" or "Fear", as well as during more thoughful moments like in "Open Wounds" and "In the Shadow of your Eyes". 

"Black Lights" is a strong debut record with a consistent concept and great sound. Fitting to the tough topics, the contrast between aggressive music and often melancholic vocals expresses the emotional torn in a fitting way. All musicians impress with high technical skills, adding their important parts to the great whole. All-together, BENEATH THE SILENCE deliver a modern, powerful album, that might apeal to fans of heavy, rhythm-driven yet melodious metal. 

Written by Katha


Mette Hessellund - Vocals

Daniel Rasmussen - Guitar

Søren Stenhøj Drews, Bass

Mikkel Thuesen Petersen, Drums

René Larsen, Guitar


1. All I See

2. Break You

3. In the Shadow of your Eyes

4. Take Over Me

5. Open Wounds

6. The Taste of Bitterness

7. Wide Awake

8. Over the Edge

9. Fear

10. Nowhere to Go


Meant for the Clouds (EP) - 2016

Phoenix (EP) - 2018

Black Lights - 2022