BLACKSCAPE - Suffocated by the Sun


Album: Suffocated by the Sun

Genre: Progressive Melodic Deathmetal

Release Date: July 7th, 2023

Country: Sweden

Label: Massacre Records


Even though Swedish trio BLACKSCAPE appear as a new formation on the metal scenery, the attentive reader could probably recognize the one or other name in the line-up, which features Tage Andersson on guitars / bass, Thomas Ohlsson (The Project Hate, STASS) on drums, and Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane, F.K.Ü.) behind the mic, who is also responsible for the mighty production here. “Suffocated by the Sun” is their debut and was released on July 7th via Massacre Records, but it’s obvious from the beginning that there are experienced musicians and song-writers at work.

The overall sound is dark and mind blowing, dominated by heavy riffs, relentless growls, and a rhythm section on fire, wandering through the wide fields of death and thrash metal stylistically. Lawrence's vocal technique is a bit different compared to the one he uses for Darkane, showing his versatility in expression. 

On the more progressive side, we can hear the soaring lead guitar adding great virtuosic parts, which brings in a welcomed variety to the songs, and the strong, clean vocals delivering some accessible melodies. The bonus track offers a nice, instrumental surprise and a change of pace at the end. 

All-together, BLACKSCAPE unleashed a beast with "Suffocated by the Sun", that would clearly be a blast in a live setting as well, and leaves me curious to hear what else they might have in store in the future. Crank it up! 

Written by Katha


Lawrence Mackrory - Vocals

Tage Andersson - Guitars, Bass

Thomas Ohlsson - Drums, Percussion


1. Waste Of Humanity

2. Bow To Me

3. Suffocated By The Sun

4. Enslaved

5. Nailed to The Cross

6. First In Line

7. Colonized By The Dark

8. Purified Disease

9. Stained By Sin

10. The Blackscape (Bonus Track)


Suffocated by the Sun - 2023