BLOODY FALLS - Dying is Easy


EP: Dying is Easy

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date: January 27th, 2023

Country: Finland

Label: Art Gates Records


Hailing from Finland, the Mmelodic Death Metal five-piece BLOODY FALLS has been around since 2017, and will unleash their new EP on January 27th, 2023 via Art Gates Records. “Dying is Easy” follows two  albums, “Thanatos” (2018) and “Burn the Witch” (2021), and offers 5 tracks. The masks on the cover artwork can be seen as a narrative connection to their previous record and represent the way of a happy life starting to sadden towards the end, when death comes inevitably closer.

Introduced to their work thanks to a post by Max Morton who was responsible for the mixing / mastering here, the video of "Dancing with Flames" set my interest on fire immediately. Heavy, pounding guitars, a rhythm section firing on all cylinders, and full growls with some screams in between offered a mighty sounding listening experience.

After having spent some time with "Dying is Easy", this actually describes the whole record, as they manage to deliver this powerful mix over the complete 23 minutes, with some changes in tempo every now and then. Fitting to the lyrics, the overall mood is dark, sometimes also with a mystic vibe, like in "Face your Demise". 

All-together, "Dying is Easy" is a mind blowing listen, and I'm digging this EP in the length it will be released. For a longer offering, a bit more creativity in the song-writing would be welcomed, but if you're up for a mosh pit on Friday, BLOODY FALLS clearly have a lovely soundtrack for you \m/

Written by Katha


Antero Hakala - Vocals

Stavros Mathios - Guitar

Marko Mäkinen - Guitar

Mika Lehtinen - Bass

Rami Vartiainen - Drums


1. Dying is Easy

2. Dancing with Flames

3. Face your Demise

4. Death by Hanging

5. Reaper is my Neighbor


Thanatos - 2018

Burn the Witch - 2021

Dying is Easy (EP) - 2023