Album: Roots

Genre: Retro Rock

Release Date: March 18th, 2022

Country: Sweden

Label: The Sign Records


Looking at the promo pics of Swedish retro rockers CHILDREN OF THE SÜN, it feels like an instant, wonderful time trip to the late 60's. Nevertheless, we’re talking about a current band here, releasing their new album “Roots” on March 18th, 2022, which follows their praised debut ”Flowers” from 2019. The title reflects them taking us on a journey through life, with its twists and turns, love and hate, light and darkness, as while we grow like trees, everything once started with our roots - what we have been, who we are right now, and who we may become.

Music-wise, they’re influenced by artists like Janis Joplin and the sound of the hippie era as well, but in case you’d expect a dusty copy, they’ll proof you wrong at once. This album spreads the spirit of Woodstock, but they manage to sound “fresh” at the same time. What stands out from the beginning is the incredible vocal performance of singer Josefina: her versatile style alternates between lovely, mesmerizing, and powerful, with her moving effortlessly through an impressive range and all kinds of emotions.

The songs lean in different directions, come along with elements of blues, rock, pop, and even some gospel in between. Most of their compositions have a certain melancholy, but nevertheless a great energy thanks to the multi-layered vocal harmonies and the smooth, yet groovy rhythmic. Sometimes, we only hear acoustic guitar or piano, building a wonderful soundscape for the expressive vocals, like in “Blood Boils Hot”, “Eden”, or "In Silva". Other songs have the whole band rocking out, like in “Gaslighting” or “Thunder”, making the feet move immediately. "Roots" and "The Soul" are two more highlights, showing the amazing creativity in their song-writing. 

CHILDREN OF THE SÜN take us on a soulful journey, touching and full of life. Even though one can hear their influences, they manage to convince with their modern as well as atmospheric interpretation, standing on their own feet. “Roots” is a great listen, and in times like these, this album and its spirit is even more balm for the soul.

Written by Katha


Josefina Berglund Ekholm - Lead Vocals

Ottilia Berglund Ekholm - Choir

Wilma Ås - Choir, Keys

Jacob Hellenrud - Guitar

Ida Wahl - Bass

Johan Lööf - Drums


1. Reflection

2. Leaves

3. Blood Boils Hot

4. Gaslighting

5. Eden

6. Willow Tree

7. Roots

8. Man In The Moon

9. The Soul

10. In Silva

11. Thunder

12. Reaching For Sun

13. Epilogue


Flowers - 2019

Roots - 2022