CHRIS SNYDER - Against All Odds (EP)


EP: Against All Odds

Genre: Instrumental Progetal

Release Date: January 5th, 2022

Country: USA

Label: Self-Released


Let’s start the new review year with an instrumental release by progmetal guitarist Chris Snyder. Heading from Pennsylvania, he started playing at the age of 11, is inspired by artists such as Joe Satriani or John Petrucci, and „Against All Odds” is his second solo EP. The cover artwork by German artist Martin Regel looks impressive, but the image isn't supposed to be taken literally, but more transferred on a personal level, with the army representing our inner demons. Sometimes life's challenges can feel overwhelming, but despite that we have the capacity to face them head on with confidence and courage. The record’s name refers to this as well. 

Starting with the title track in a dark mood, the music soon turns into a more positive vibe with a bright guitar melody laid over a fast rhythmic and powerful riffing. Chris’ great technical skills are obvious from the beginning, and the song comes along with an empowering energy. No2 is a guitar cover of the “Game of Thrones”-theme, fans of the series might recognize the melody line at once. The following “New Frontiers” is about new experiences, facing your anxiety, and learning to trust your gut. Music-wise, Chris wanders again between gloomy and lighter moments by using a variety of shredding elements. Sometimes, the guitar tone gets too flashy for my personal taste, but overall I enjoy his playing as well as the short drum solo at the end. “Tetsuga” is the last song - inspired by an online comic book called “The Tetsuga Chronicles” - and my favorite here. The art of instrumental music is to tell a story without words, and he masters this challenge in an amazing way with mighty riffs, virtuoso melody lines, and a consistent high level in his writing.  

To sum it up, “Against All Odds” is a strong EP, recommended for fans of virtuoso guitar music. As I follow Chris Snyder for a while now, it’s a pleasure to see how he developed his playing, song-writing, as well as recording skills over the past years, and I'm looking forward to see where his musical journey will take him next. 

Written by Katha


Chris Snyder - Guitar


1. Against All Odds

2. Game of Thrones

3. New Frontiers

4. Tetsuga


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Against All Odds (EP) - 2022