COGNIZANCE - Phantazein


Album: Phantazein

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Release Date: January 26th, 2024

Country: UK

Label: Willowtip Records


Having convinced with their incredibly strong output over the past years, a Willowtip release will quickly spark my curiosity, and I’m happy to report that Progressive Death Metal quintet Cognizance are another great addition to their roster. “Phantazein” is already the band’s third album since their debut in 2019, and promises to transcend their previous boundaries by delving into the intricate interplay between art, obsession, and the profound influence of one's environment. 

 Musically speaking, they fully deliver! While the mighty soundscapes are best described as brutal, there is still enough melody within the dense harmonic layers, and despite the challenging, hard-hitting rhythms, the music comes along pretty groovy in the overall context. The playing skills are jaw-dropping, but always serving the songs, which makes the 40 minutes a great listen, recommended ffo the more technical, vigorous side of Metal.  

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)


Henry Pryce - Vocals

Alex Baillie - Guitar/vocals

Apostolis Karydis - Guitar

Chris Binns - Bass

David Diepold - Drums



1. Ceremonial Vigour

2. A Brain Dead Memoir

3. Chiselled in Stone

4. Introspection

5. Futureless Horizon

6. The Towering Monument

7. Alferov

8. Shock Heuristics

9. Broadcast of The Gods

10. In Verses Unspoken

11. Shadowgraph