CREDIC - Vermillion Oceans


Album: Vermillion Oceans

Genre: Melodic death metal

Release Date: April 22nd, 2022

Country: Germany

Label: Black Lion Records


Three years after their powerful debut “Agora”, the German melodic deathmetal brotherhood CREDIC are back with a new album: “Vermillion Oceans” will be released on April 22nd, 2022 via Black Lion Records, promising a musical tour de force from the deepest abyss back to light. According to the band, it’s a record about inner battles, longing and utmost despair, with the title can be seen as metaphor for galleons of heart’s blood shed, and the ocean as epitome for the lyrical content and the musical dynamics.

Music-wise, they don’t hesitate to keep this promise: Opening with “Tides Disharmonized”, they come along with waves of blast beats, heavy guitar work and dark growls. While the vocals remain mostly on the same line, the background synths and guitars bring in the melodious element, also offering powerful breakdowns as well as virtuoso solo parts. The following title track sees them firing on all cylinders with mighty riffs and mind-blowing rhythmic. By calming things down every now and then with some electronic soundscapes, they give the listener a short moment to rest before unleashing the storm again.

These ingredients work for most of their songs, delivering enough dynamic and variety to keep things interesting, with just a few tracks not fitting into the previous description: “Autumns Spring” has a dreamy vibe, comes along slow with some beautiful key harmonies, which builds a great contrast to the brutal growls. “Tethys” is a melancholic instrumental piece with piano and strings, getting company by guitar and drums over the second half.

All-together, CREDIC offer full-sounding melodic deathmetal in best Gothenburg manner with all band members bringing in their impressive playing skills. Even though they lose a bit of their initial high energy during the faster tracks in the second half of the album, most of the songs convince with their power and dynamic. By changing mood and tempo during "Autumns Spring" and "Tethys", the quintet shows a welcomed diverse side of their work. "Vermillion Oceans" is indeed deep and dark like the sea, sometimes wild and churned, then again calm and mystical. Dive in... \m/

Written by Katha


Stefan Scheu · Vocals

Andreas Steinle · Guitars

Oliver Ecke · Guitars

Martin Stump · Bass

Waldemar Janzen · Drums and electronics


1. Tides Disharmonized

2. Vermillion Oceans

3. Darkened Fields

4. The Path

5. Interhuman Gravity

6. Autumn's Spring

7. Chosen Ordeal

8. The Mountains Between Us

9. Tethys

10. Long Street


Agora - 2018

Vermillion Oceans - 2022