DIRTY SHIRT - Get Your Dose Now!


Album: Get Your Dose Now!

Genre: Alternative 

Release Date: April 1st, 2022

Country: Romania

Label: Self-Released


Having started as a wedding band more than 20 years ago, Romanian DIRTY SHIRT decided to change their musical direction after a while and evolved into a crossover folklore metal act, that got some well-deserved international attention already. Thanks to their high-energetic live shows, they won several awards, and even made it to the 2nd place at Wacken Metal Battle in 2014. With “Get Your Dose Now!”, the mostly DIY band released their 6th album on April 1st, 2022, also featuring many guest musicians, offering another example for their unique, genre-bending style.

Things get started with “New Boy in Town”, an instrumental piece having a kind of dark, cinematic vibe, coming along slow and groovy. Track No2, “Pretty Faces”, completely changes mood and style - Being a song about communication during the lockdown, we can hear a mix of Indian rhythmic and Romanian folklore, that alternate with a powerful nu-metal verse, a good pinch of electro, and a gypsy violin solo. “Dop-A-Min” stays in these modern, heavy fields mixed with traditional melodies. Thematically, it’s about our modern society and the perfect image people think they have to deliver because of social media. The accompanying video supports their message in a crazy way.

During “What’s Going On”, the folklore vibe gets a bit too much for me, but with 2.30 minutes, it’s rather short and leads straight to “Hot For Summer”, which can be seen as a parody about the music industry. Music-wise, they offer a melting pot of metal, pop and Balkan style, which is a groovy listening fun.  The following “New Conspiracy” comes along dissonant and aggressive, blended with some oriental harmonies, dealing with the blooming conspiracy theories on the internet. 

During „Cand s-o-mpartit nonocu’”, they show a melancholic, thoughtful side. The lyrics in Romanian language and the beautiful vocals bring in something mystical in combination with the dark string sound. The final “Geamparalele” leans into the prog direction thanks to a complex rhythmic and some amazing guitar work, with the lovely female vocals adding again a bit of traditional flair.

With 30 minutes of playing time, “Get You Dose Now!” is a rather short but entertaining listen. Additionally, you also can find four bonus tracks – a “Pandemic Special” - on it. While their music is based on modern metal, the mix of traditional and heavy music gives their sound something special, coming along groovy and melodic. Even though the folklore elements get too much for me at some point, the creativity in their song-writing is highly appreciated here. And with all fun in their music, they don’t mind to grab also serious topics. So if you haven't yet, it might be time to get your dose of DIRTY SHIRT now ;-)

Written by Katha


Dan Rini Crăciun - Vocals

Robert Rusz - Vocals

Mihai Tivadar - Keyboards, Guitars

Dan Petean - Guitars

Cristian Bălănean - Guitars

Pal Novelli - Bass

Vlad Țoca - Drums

Cosmin Nechita - Violin


1. New Boy in Town

2. Pretty Faces

3. Dope-A-Min

4. What’s Going On

5. Hot for Summer

6. New Conspiracy

7. Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’ (Part 1)

8. Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’ (Part 2)

9. Geamparalele


Very Dirty - 2000

Same Shirt, Different Day - 2010

Freak Show - 2013

Dirtylicious - 2015

Letchology - 2019

Get Your Dose Now! - 2022