DROWN IN SULPHUR - Dark Secrets of the Soul


Album: Dark Secrets of the Soul

Genre: Blackened Deathcore

Release Date: January 12th, 2024

Country: Italy

Label: Scarlet Records


Since Scarlet Records are well known for having mostly Power- and Symphonic Metal related bands within their roster, I was quite surprised to hear blast beats and growls when checking out the second album of Italian four-piece DROWN IN SULPHUR for the first time. While their music is definitely powerful and also comes along with huge symphonic elements, they’re rooted into Blackened Deathcore stylistically, sometimes reminding me of Lorna Shore with their mighty sound. 

Lyrically, they take us on an introspective journey in search of man's spiritual elevation by referencing the image of the “vampire communion”, moving through anger, despair and rebellion to more fragile moments until the final redemption. Apart from the intro ("Adveniat Regnum Tuum") and "Lotus", that might belong to the concept but quickly became skipping tracks for me, “Dark Secrets of the Soul” has a lot to offer musically for fans of relentless harsh vocals, mind blowing guitar work, pummeling drums, and epic breakdowns.  

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)


1 Adveniat Regnum Tuum

2 Eclipse of the Sun of Eden

3 Buried by Snow and Hail

4 Unholy Light

5 Lotus

6 Dark Secrets of the Soul

7 Say My Name

8 Vampire Communion

9 Shadow of the Dark Throne


Chris Lombardo "Christ" - vocals, guitar

Emanuele Corso "Dimitryux" - guitar

Daniele Posillipo "Blacklight" - guitar

Domenico Francesco Tamilia "Darth" - drums, backing vocals