DYNAZTY - Final Advent


Album: Final Advent

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date: August 26th, 2022

Country: Sweden

Label: AFM Records


Having been around since 2007, Swedish metal act DYNAZTY can already look back on an impressive discography with seven records under their belt, and album No8 set to release on August 26th, 2022 via AFM Records. Fans of the quintet will feel at home immediately, as “Final Advent” delivers all ingredients the band stands for: Besides of “Yours”, which is a slower, balladic song, you can listen to nine modern, melodic metal tracks, that might make you dance and sing along soon.

For those who are not yet familiar with the band, “Advent” gives a good impression of DYNAZTY’s strength: pushing rhythmic, catchy melodies performed with expressive vocals, and all musicians coming along with great skills and joy in their playing, which is also highly infectious during their live shows. 

What turns things a bit down for me are the synths being too dominant at some point, like in “Power of Will” or “All the Devils are Here”, and also tend to add a kind of hectic vibe sometimes. But while the album progresses, the music gets heavier, with the guitars coming more into the spotlight, and they fully convince with their high-energetic yet melodious playing. 

My favorite tracks are clearly the already mentioned, straight-rocking “Advent” and the powerful “Instinct”, which can easily stick in my head for a while. Another highlight is “The White” as they show some playful creativity here, also with the different solos in the middle section. It is the third and final puzzle piece of a trilogy they started with "The Grey" back in 2018, followed by "The Black" (2020).

Nils Molin's impressive vocal performance is for sure one of DYNAZTY's success factors, so is the vigorous instrumental basis. The catchiness of their melodies makes the music sounding very easy, with the amazing skills of all musicians showing up during the virtuoso solo parts and while listening closer, as they tend to hide in the overall sound. Even though I don't mind the appearance of synths, I prefer the songs when they leave enough space for the other instruments (especially considering the fact, that there isn't a keyboardist in the band). After having spent some time with "Final Advent", I'd say this is DYNAZTY's strongest and most homogenous record to date, recommended to crank it up and dance along. 

Written by Katha


Nils Molin - Vocals

Love Magnusson - Guitar

Mikael Lavér - Guitars

Jonathan Olsson - Bass 

Georg Härnsten Egg - Drums


1. Power Of Will

2. Advent

3. Natural Born Killer

4. Yours

5. All The Devils Are Here

6. The White

7. Instinct 

8. Heart Of Darkness 

9. Achilles Heel 

10. Power Of Now


Bring the Thunder - 2009

Knock you Down - 2011

Sultans of Sin - 2012

Renatus - 2014

Titanic Mass - 2016

Firesign - 2018

The Dark Delight - 2020

Final Advent - 2022