ECCLESIA - Ecclesia Militans


Album: Ecclesia Militans

Genre: Heavy / Doom Metal

Release Date: March 8th, 2024

Country: France

Label: Aural Music


In 2020 anno Domini, the French band ECCLESIA first appeared in my halls with their great debut “De Ecclesiæ Universalis”. Armed with purifying fire, blessed swords, and mighty riffs, they kept everything a bit mysterious including the band member’s names, but fitting to the overall concept of 12th Century dark medieval age and the Holy Inquisition. Album number 2 is called “Ecclesia Militans” and continues seamlessly where the 1st record left off, delivering Heavy Metal in the veins of Judas Priest or Manimal with the one or other Doom detour, but also carried by epic organ sound in the background. 

While the themes are rather grim, the music (besides the opening and closing sequence) is mostly straight forward and often catchy. Even though they lose a bit of their initial high energy in between, like during ‘Antecclesia’ when things get too repetitive for me, most of the album is a great, powerful listen. So if you’re already familiar with Ecclesia, this is a strong follow-up for sure, and in case you’re new to their clerical Metal party, they might tickle your Powermetal needs. Recommended to play it loud! 

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)


1. Vade Retro

2. If She Floats

3. Et Cum Spiritu Tuo

4. Antecclesia

5. Ecclesia Militans

6. The Exorcism

7. Ereptor Verae Fidei

8. Redden the Iron

9. Havester of Sinful Souls

10. Quis ut Deus


Frater Arnhwald - Vocals

Julius Accusator - Lead Guitar

The Witchfinder General - Rhythm Guitar

Frater Ignis Sacer - Bass

Pater Hexenhammer - Drums

Pater Walkelinus - Organ