ETERNAL CLOSURE - At the Center of It All – Chapter I


Album: At the Center of It All – Chapter I

Genre: Progressive Metalcore

Release Date: September 23rd, 2022

Country: Canada

Label: Self-Released


During their 10 years of existence, Canadian female-fronted metalcore act ETERNAL CLOSURE already saw several line-up changes. While the group formed by guitarist and singer Olivier Boitel, bassist Jonathan Lauzon, and drummer Philippe Boitel, their new record also introduces Katrine Castonguay on the mic, as well as the guitarists Marine Lacarrière and Phil Lemelin. “At The Centre Of It All - Chapter I” was released on September 23rd, 2022, and as the title suggests a sequel can be expected (in 2023 probably). Even though these are not concept albums in the classical sense, the songs are connected music-wise and thematically, as they’re mostly about seeing things from different sides, challenging oneself and others to change perspective sometimes.

“Conflict I” gives us a peaceful and dreamy minute, before fast-paced tapping and syncopated rhythmic patterns conquer the speakers. With three guitars and two vocalists, both using different styles from powerful growls over screams to clean singing, there is a great dynamic in their music, also pushed forward by the strong rhythm section. Lyrically, they’re calling upon everyone to be honest with themselves and others. 

The following “Practice What You Preach” comes along aggressive and thrashy, with mostly pummeling drums, hard-hitting guitar work and harsh vocals. The lyrics are about people who place themselves above others by judging them not worthy of speaking on anything. During "Exiled", things get more melodious, but even though the music calms down a bit compared to the previous tracks, it's still fast forward. "Dimensions Apart" remains in these mid-tempo, powerful fields, talking about the disconnect between generations that was created in part by technology.

"From One Side to Another" is about finding the strength to go through challenges a chosen path might bring, and comes along slow yet heavy, but loses tension a bit during the chorus for me. Chapter I closes with "Moonrider", which got me because of its full-sounding drum intro as well as the soaring guitar, and is an emotional song about the wish to disappear when you can’t seem to find your place in society. 

All-together, ETERNAL CLOSURE deliver a modern, powerful album. The djent-driven rhythmic pushes the songs forward, so do the three guitars with their mighty sound. As they're alternating with more peaceful and melodious moments, the music comes along with a good variety. The mixed vocals add a wide emotional palette fitting to the personal lyrics. The decision to split "At The Center Of It All" into two chapters is welcomed here, as 30 minutes is a good, short-whiled playing time, and makes me looking forward to Part 2.  

Written by Katha


Katrine Castonguay – Vocals

Olivier Boitel – Guitar, Back Vocals

Jonathan Lauzon – Bass, Back vocals

Philippe Boitel – Drums

Marine Lacarrière – Guitar

Phil Lemelin – Guitar


1. Conflict I 

2. Practice What You Preach

3. Exiled

4. Dimensions Apart

5. From One Side to Another

6. Moonrider


At the Center of It All – Chapter I - 2022

Color of our Fears - 2019

Screaming in Silence - 2016

Ad Primum - 2014