F.K.Ü. - The Horror and the Metal


Album: The Horror and the Metal

Genre: Horror Thrash Metal

Release Date: February 9th, 2024

Country: Sweden

Label: Despotz Records


Since there’s a huge overlapping between the Horror and Metal communities, it seems like a great idea to bring these two beasts together, and Swedish Thrash Metallers F.K.Ü. clearly pull out all stops on this. Starting with the name – the three letters stand for “Freddy Krüger’s Underwear” - to the lovely band pics and the monikers of the current line-up, which sees Pat Splat on bass, Pete Stooaahl on guitars, Larry Lethal behind the mic, and Unspeakable Emp on drums, they play well with all kinds of stereotypes. The band itself was founded in 1987 and released 5 albums so far. Their new record got the fitting title “The Horror and the Metal” and is ready to crawl into your ears on February 9th.

Lyric-wise, they absolutely nail it for me... It rarely happens that I need to laugh out loud when listening to music, but lines like for “The Spawning” or “You are who you eat” are just glorious hilarious - Bon appétit! 

While the whole record is visually and lyrically inspired by 80s Horror movies, presented with a good pinch of black humor, F.K.Ü.'s musical efforts should be taken absolutely seriously, what I was already sure of when reading the name Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane, Blackscape) in the promo. He didn't only overtake the vocal duties, but was also responsible for the production, which ended with an overall mighty sound, yet detailed enough to give each instrument the needed space. 

The music comes along in best, vigorous Thrash manner with headbanging and mosh-pit guarantee thanks to the fat, groovy riffs and hard-hitting rhythm section as well as the expressive, versatile vocal performance. Even though the song structures are mostly straight-forward, there's enough variety into the compositions to keep things interesting.  

"The Horror and the Metal" turned out to be a highly addictive record, with a consistent concept through all levels, and songs that can easily get stuck in my head for hours. The mix of great musicianship, catchiness and dark humor makes the album a mind blowing, entertaining listen, also recommended for fans beyond the Horror and Thrash spectrum. F.K.Ü. deliver pure Metal Madness - And I love it! 

Written by Katha


1. The Horror and the Metal

2. (He Is) The Antichrist

3. The Spawning

4. Don't Have to Go to Texas

5. Harvester of Horror

6. Deep Cuts

7. They Are 237

8. Bringing Back the Dead

9. Some Kind of Mosher

10. You Are Who You Eat