FIERCE DEITY - A Dragon, Gold


Single: A Dragon, Gold

Genre: Stoner Powermetal

Release Date: February 18th, 2022

Country: Australia

Label: Self-released


With the release of his debut LP "Power, Wisdom, Courage" in September 2021, Tasmanian stoner powermetal act FIERCE DEITY got some well-deserved attention in the metal community. But this is no reason to rest for the man behind, Jonathon Barwick, and while he's already working on a "dumb, sexy, rock'n roll album", we get a new anthem from his feather in the meantime: "A Dragon, Gold" is another piece of the PWC lore, and out on February 18th, 2022 on all streaming platforms (early access via Bandcamp). 

The song starts with a marching rhythmic, then the guitar flies in with a mesmerizing melody. When the vocals join, the dark groove continues, with the verse building up tension before opening to the epic chorus. While he repeats these parts in variation, he always adds a new element, which elevates the music towards the end even more. Lyric-wise, the song is rooted in the fantasy world, telling about the passing of wisdom from father to daughter in an age where the art of language is lost, and ancient teachings can only be practised in secret. The single comes along with a stunning video, which visualizes flight and view of the mighty dragon. 

On the "B-Side", we can hear a cover of Ozzy Osbourne's "Diary of a Madman". By overtaking the main guitar parts with a warm-sounding piano, he gives the song a new, creative interpretation, and delivers a beautiful hommage to Randy Rhoads

To sum it up: By melting the groove of stoner with the melody and lyrical language of powermetal, FIERCE DEITY takes the listener again on a mighty sounding journey. Crank it up - But Beware! "A Dragon, Gold" can easily get stuck in your head... 

Written by Katha


Jonathon Barwick - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Orchestration, Programming


A-Side: A Dragon, Gold

B-Side: Diary of a Mad Man (Ozzy Osbourne Cover) 


The Trials - 2020

The Trials Unmasked - 2021

Power, Wisdom, Courage - 2021

A Dragon, Gold - 2022