GOROD - The Orb


Album: The Orb

Genre: Progressive Tech Death

Release Date: March 10th, 2023

Country: France

Label: Self-Released


Over the past months, some outstanding French releases found their way to my ears, and Bordeaux-based technical death metal goliaths GOROD make no exception here, who now add album Number 7 to an already impressive discography. “The Orb” was released on March 10th, and offers nine mind-blowing, diverse songs.

While the opening track "Chrematheism" is still difficult to crack for me, but it surely might please fans of extreme death metal, they caught me with the following "We Are The Sun Gods" and this wonderful instrumental interlude. From now on they lean more into a proggy direction, even though the overall sound is still brutal. The rhythmic side of their sound comes along hard-hitting, incredibly fast, but nevertheless groovy and varied, the guitars wander smoothly between devastating riffs and marvelous, virtuoso solos. By weaving in different elements like 80s inspired synth soundscapes, mesmerizing, calmer parts, or a gloomy waltz, they show a welcomed creativity in their songwriting and created a highly sophisticated, yet accessible piece of music.

It actually took several spins until “The Orb” fully clicked with me, but it was absolutely worth it to let it grow – What a blast!

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)