HRADA - Mirrorland


Album: Mirrorland

Genre: Heavy Progrock

Release Date: May 19th, 2023

Country: Norway

Label: Self-Released


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the stunning artwork Pedro Correa created for HRADA’s debut “Mirrorland”? - Not only for the album, but also for some of the songs. And now, let’s search for a quiet place to enjoy the mesmerizing music that Peter Espevoll (former Extol vocalist) and Åsmund Janøy composed together.

Stylistically, they’re clearly rooted into progrock, but skillfully weave elements of pop, classic, folk and jazz into their music to build up wonderful, often dreamy soundscapes, which easily could be used as a film score. The marvelous vocal harmonies and beautiful melody lines invite the listener to drift away, with the rich, yet playful arrangements offer many details to discover along the way, revealing more of their magic with every spin. Dive in and enjoy :-)

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)