HIDDEN INTENT - Dead End Destiny


Album: Dead End Destiny

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date: February 26th, 2021

Country: Australia

Label: Self released


For those who are not yet familiar with HIDDEN INTENT: Any guesses where this trio could come from, just because of their cover artwork? As they offer some lovely stereotypes here, Australia might be the obvious and right answer. The band formed in 2011, and “Dead End Destiny” is their third album (released on February 26 th, 2021). Deeply rooted in the Bay Area and Teutonic thrash scene, they come up with high energetic songs, wandering between party-thrash and more serious topics.

Music-wise, HIDDEN INTENT deliver an album with headbanging guarantee by offering powerful riffs, aggressive vocals, and a hard-hitting rhythm section. These guys won’t make any prisoners, and this is clear from the beginning. Even though the songs are mainly straight forward, they keep things varied with some little interludes to change tempo and mood for a moment, just to explode again in best thrash manner. Compared to the previous releases, they developed their production, and it’s great to hear the progress they made with their sound.

“Dead End Destiny” is an Australian thrash attack, and even though the album is rather short with 26 minutes playing time, the seven powerful tracks won’t give you a moment to rest. Crank it up, it’s a blast!

Written by Katha


Chris McEwen - Vocals & Bass

Phil Bennett - Guitar

Paul Lewis - Drumss


1. A Place of Horror

2. Breaking Point

3. Dead End Destiny (Feat. Guest Solos by Artillery)

4. Forgotten Fate

5. Get A Dog Up Ya

6. We Are The End of Us

7. Pub Feed (The Chats Cover)

8. Succumb to the Violence


Walking Through Hell - 2013

Fear, Prey, Demise - 2018

Dead End Destiny - 2021

This review was originally published as my March shout-out for Blessed Altar Zine