LOKUST - Infidel


Album: Infidel

Genre: Modern Progmetal

Release Date: July 28th, 2023

Country: UK

Label: Self-Released


Is it just me, or is the number of impressive debuts really that large at the moment? In this context, I want to guide your ears towards London based powerhouse LOKUST, who already caught some well-deserved attention with a pair of instrumental demo videos since their formation in 2017, but meanwhile grew into a strong five-piece and now unleash their first album: “Infidel”. 

Sitting somewhere between thrash, metalcore and (melodic / tech) death metal, they offer a modern sounding, high-energetic record. While the guitar work is furious, the bass hard-hitting, and the drums aggressively pushing, the 11 tracks nevertheless come along groovy and accessible. Vocal-wise, we can hear a mix of mighty growls, screams, and clean singing, and there’s enough variety in their song-writing to keep things interesting over the 51 minutes of playing time. The massive yet detailed production makes “Infidel” a great listening fun, especially when played loud! But beware, your living room could turn into a mosh pit quickly ;-)

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)


Alexy Khoury - Guitar

Jeremy Pringsheim - Guitar

Euler Morais - Drums

Patryk Kopo - Bass

Alex da Costa - Vocals


1. (March)

2. The Sin of Doubt

3. Parasitic

4. Guiltless

5. Anima

6.  War of Opposites

7. (Futile)

8. Vilified

9. Jinn

10. Eradication: One

11. Sacrosanct


Infidel - 2023