MAGORIA - Hollingsworth Mansion


Album: Hollingsworth Mansion

Genre: Progmetal 

Release Date: March 1st, 2024

Country: Netherlands

Label: Magoria & Butlers Records


Being the brainchild of Dutch guitarist and composer Mark Bogert, MAGORIA was set to bring historical stories and myths to life musically using the fitting format of Metal opera. With their second project, they take us deep into the mystical events around “Hollingsworth Mansion”, told by seven wonderful singers and a great cast of musicians. 

The center point within the narrative is the miraculous house servant Selina, who is 3 centuries old, neither alive nor dead, and the connecting element between former and current residents. The songs are accessible and well done, coming along in a kind of Heavy Musical style, with great guitar solo parts, often cinematic background orchestration, and of course the spooky soundscapes are not missing either (even though they could be a bit more present here and there considering the story). If you’re up for an Ayreon-like multi-singer concept album, this is definitely an entertaining listen. 

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)


Maria Catharina - Vocals
Edward Reekers - Vocals
Jan Willem Ketelaers - Vocals
Nadine Pruim - Vocals
Mirjam van Doorn - Vocals
Inge Rijnja - Vocals
Rodney Blaze - Vocals 
Nini Veltman - Vocals

Mark Bogert - Guitar
Koen Stam - Keys
Cleem Determeijer - Piano
Peter Vink - Bass
Harmen Kieboom - Drums
Matthijs Kieboom - Orch. arr.


Jtr1888 - 2019

Hollingsworth Mansion - 2024