MANIMAL - Armageddon


Album: Armageddon

Genre: Heavy / Powermetal

Release Date: December 3rd, 2021

Country: Sweden

Label: AFM Records


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Swedish heavy/power metal act MANIMAL. Founded in 2001, they released three albums since 2009, and are now set to unleash “Armageddon” on December 3rd, 2021 via AFM Records. The unchained, roaring beast in the midst of skulls on the cover artwork, as well as album- and song titles might appeal to the dedicated metal fan. Let’s hear if the music can keep this first impression as well. 

Opening with “Burn in Hell”, it's obvious from the beginning what you’ll get on “Armageddon”: honest, powerful music in best heavy metal manner, with hard-hitting riffs, punchy rhythms, and an impressive vocal performance. Not ground-breaking new (which isn’t necessary at all btw), but definitely well performed.

The following title track lifts up pace, starting with a dark, distorted guitar sound, on which the main riff develops supported by the driving rhythmic. The vocals are deeper now, fitting to the end-time theme. “Slaves of Babylon” is another high-energetic mid-tempo song, coming along with a gloomy vibe. The growls in middle are surprising and deliver an interesting, modern change in expression. With “Forged in Metal” and “Chains of Fury”, they drift too much into the metal stereotypes for my personal taste, but as the music is still powerful and straight forward, these could work pretty well in a live-, especially in a festival setting I guess. 

“Path to the Unknown” brings them back on track, and I like how the vocals explore lower realms here. While the chorus loses a bit of pressure, there is again a modern sounding part in the middle. Over the last songs, they further play with the mentioned elements, alternate between great riffs, catchy melody lines, and always an amazing guitar solo on point. 

All-together, MANIMAL offer a strong album for fans of honest, passionate heavy metal, and even though one can hear their influences, they manage to stand on their own feet. “Armageddon” contains 10 songs with groovy, high-energetic riffing, supported by a driving, yet varied rhythmic. Samuel Nyman delivers his vocals with an impressive range, adding lots of power with his performance. The song-writing, mainly from the feather of guitarist Henrik Stenroos, keeps the music diverse and interesting. I had a great time with MANIMAL’s newest offering so far, and if you like your metal in style of Judas Priest, “Armageddon” might be an album for you. Crank it up, and have fun \m/

Written by Katha


Samuel Nyman -  Vocals

Henrik Stenroos - Guitars

Kenny Boufadene - Bass

André Holmqvist - Drums


01 - Burn In Hell

02 - Armageddon

03 - Slaves Of Babylon

04 - Forged In Metal

05 - Chains Of Fury 

06 - Evil Soul

07 - Path To The Unknown 

08 - Master Of Pain

09 - Insanity

10 - The Inevitable End


The Darkest Room – 2009

Trapped in the Shadows – 2015

Purgatorio - 2018

Armageddon - 2021