MINORARC - Inclusions 


Album: Inclusions

Genre: Instrumental Prog

Release Date: September 1st, 2023

Country: Australia

Label: Self-Released


Instrumental project MINORARC is the brainchild of Australian multi-instrumentalist Ivan Bullock, sonically exploring the wide fields of progressive rock, dark classical and modern electronic music, with some excursions into jazz and metal in between. What might appear like a weird selection of genres on first sight gets actually smoothly interwoven to wonderful, new soundscapes. 

“Inclusions” starts with the beautiful piano track "A Drizzle’s Vagrant I", accompanied by light background string arrangements, followed by "Seven Times Burnt", that has rough black metal chords besides bright neoclassical piano and guitar runs. "Meet the Blade" offers dense, dark orchestration, on which he lays shimmering melodies, with the diverse drumming always serving the songs. 

The journey continues, takes us through the more uplifting "Three Times" to the rather harsh "Bleeding Facet" and an atmospheric "Triclinic", before he closes the circle with a dreamy Part II of the opening track. While I wasn’t familiar with the work of MINORARC before, Inclusions was a pleasant surprise this week, offering an amazing soundtrack to drift away for a while. 

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)