Album: Resonance

Genre: Progmetal

Release Date: November 11th, 2022

Country: Denmark

Label: Prime Collective


Regular Mostly Metal-readers might already know about my fascination for the work of Danish singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer NICKLAS SONNE. For those who are not yet familiar with: he’s best known as guitarist and singer for the progmetal bands DEFECTOTHEORY and MALRUN, but was also involved in various other projects as musician and / or producer. On November 11th, 2022, he adds his first solo record to an already impressive discography, performing all instruments himself as well as overtaking the vocal duties, only accompanied by former DEFECTO drummer Lars.

On the cover artwork, we can see a reflection of what the album is about: his walk on a thin line between fiery abyss and calm haven, trying to keep the balance, insecure which way he might fall. The title “Resonance” refers to events in his past which left their mark and still echo in his mind. 

“Mysery” was the first single, and it gives a good impression about the characteristic of his music: full-sounding drums, mighty riffs and orchestral arrangement build a huge basis, on which he lays his virtuoso guitar runs and powerful melodies. The rhythmic is fast-forward, yet varied, and for me it’s great to hear Lars playing again. Nicklas’ voice is remarkable, versatile, and highly expressive, proving once more why he’s one of my favorite singers.

During track No2 they let the “Keyboard Warriors” marching in, as it's a song about the hate shared online by people who try to put themselves over others that way. SONNE’s answer to this kind of behaviour comes along powerful, groovy and catchy, invites to sing along and blow the envious away. “Spit out your Pride” is one of my highlights on “Resonance” because of the high-energetic rhythmic and the wonderful, Romeo-esque guitar performance, not to forget about the accompanying, glorious video (check it out below).

The following balad “All Thanks to You” took a bit to grow on me actually, but the way how the soaring guitar overtakes the melody line is just mesmerizing. Nevertheless, my proggy heart beats more for songs like “Don’t Wanna Be Me”, especially during the furious middle section, showing once more Nicklas’ incredible skills as musician and composer. Another favorite of mine is “Open Fire”, which is about the attempt to break out of life’s rat race, which sometimes feels like a pre-planned and pre-arranged cycle - And it’s a beast of a song! 

“Obsessed with Nothingness”, “The Chasm of Bleakness” and “Carrier of Extinction” wander in powerful mid-tempo fields, and even though we can hear the one or other Metallica reference, they all have the distinctive “SONNE” signature. The lyrics are again very personal, dealing with different negative feelings and experiences, but also the attempt to find strength through them and a positive way out. He closes his solo debut with the touching “Breathe”, which is the final good-bye to a beloved person, and it feels like his voice flies in new highs to follow a bit longer before letting her go.

NICKLAS SONNE’s music has been a gift for me since I came across his work a few years ago, and I’m glad to report that “Resonance” doesn’t make an exception here. First of all, it is great fun to rock out to his powerful compositions. Thanks to the mighty, yet detailed production, the album is accessible and mind blowing from the first spin, but keeps growing while diving deeper into the music. Next up, I’m fascinated by the splendid musicianship, especially when he gets furious on the guitar, which expresses sometimes even more than his words can do. And last but not least, we listen to a talented young man who takes us on a very personal journey, transforming his experiences and emotions into something wonderful by giving the echoes from his past a new sound, with lyrics in which the listeners might find something special for themselves too (so do I). 

Crank it up, and have a blast \m/

Written by Katha 


Nicklas Sonne - Vocals, guitars, bass, orchestration

Lars - Drums


1. Misery

2. Keyboard Warriors

3. Spit Out Your Pride

4. All Thanks to You

5. Don't Wanna Be Me

6. The Chasm of Bleakness

7. Open Fire

8. Obsessed with Nothingness

9. Carrier of Extinction

10. Breathe


Resonance - 2022