OSM - Plagued by Doubts


EP: Plagued by Doubts 

Genre: Progressive Deathmetal

Release Date: April 28th, 2023

Country: France 

Label: Klonosphere Records


There’s a lot of great music being cooked in France right now, and the next band on our progmetal menu are OSM, who release their second EP “Plagued by Doubts” on April 28th. Lyrically, this new work is a satirical vision of today's world, dealing with feelings like rage, anger and despair, but also powerlessness as well as constant pressure - And what could be better to express about these chimeras than the diversity of metal!  

They start with the title track and a mystic piano intro, which gets blown away by the first mighty riff and powerful growls, that later turn into clean singing during the chorus. With the slighty delayed rhythmic adding even more heaviness, one can actually feel the burden. Same goes for “Stuck in a Wrong”, wandering between melancholic and dark, heavy parts, stylistically rooted into death metal with a strong progressive approach. 

“Drown by Myself” is an instrumental piece which opens with gloomy soundscapes, then builds up more and more pressure over 7 minutes through the variation of the main theme. The three remaining songs also work with the earlier mentioned ingredients, but each one having its own special moments. 

French bands seem to have a certain sense for theatrical, and OSM are another fine example for me. While the used metal elements are mostly dark and mighty, the addition of multifaceted sounds brings in a great variety regarding mood and tempo. The often dissonant, harsh compositions strongly express the hard topics, but there also can be found many details when listening closely, which brings in a certain beauty for me nevertheless. I wasn’t familiar with OSM before, but "Plagued by Doubts" definitely puts them on my radar, curious to see what else they may have in store. Check them out!

Written by Katha


Z-Mood - Vocals/Guitar

Marco Segui - Bass

Eliot Remblier : Drums

Dam Lessuor : Lead Guitar


1. Plagued by Doubts

2. Stuck in a Wrong 

3. Why Always More

4. Drown by Myself

5. Abyssal...

6. ...Loudness


Which Way (EP) - 2019

Plagued by Doubts (EP) - 2023