PARAM-NESIA - Aspect of Creation (EP)


EP: Aspect of Creation

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date: June 18th, 2021

Country: Canada

Label: Self-Released


Originally, Canadian deathmetal act PARAM-NESIA was the brainchild of guitarist Andy Cahalin, who had been writing and recording music over the years, searching for the right members to start a project. After having jammed with drummer Derek Hill in a snowboard shop back in 2016, things quickly developed: more members were found, and a debut EP, “The Beginning”, published in February 2019. Some changes in the line-up later, which evolved the dynamic of the band and now also includes vocalist Cayle Charlton, Matthew Burnham on guitar, as well as bassist Colton Hession, the quintet is set to release their second EP, “Aspect of Creation”, on June 18th, 2021.

The opening track “Pestilence of Man” already gives a great impression of what you’ll get here: mind blowing death metal with a high, technical precision. The rhythmic is razor-sharp and hard-hitting, showing no mercy in pushing the songs forward. Pounding riffs add more aggression to the music, so do the powerful growled, sometimes screamed vocals. But with all brutality coming out of the speakers, there is still a melody into their music, which is delivered by the guitars.  

The following “Forsaken” lifts up tempo and is more melodic than the previous track, without losing the high energy. “Lethocerus” gives no time to rest as well, marches on with full power and a great groove. Track No4, “Home”, comes with dark, poetic lyrics about an eternal, inescapable tomb of one’s own design, which is also reflected through the music. The final “Journey to Nothing” delivers some great, progressive twists and turns, showing once more the abilities of PARAM-NESIA as song-writers and musicians.  

With their second EP, PARAM-NESIA take a big step forward, everything seems to be in the right place now. “Aspects of Creation” is 30 minutes of pure power, melting the brutality of death metal with virtuosic guitar playing, perfectly supported by the high technical skills of all band members and a solid production. For me, this is a band to keep an eye on - looking forward to hear on which musical adventures they'll take us in the future. 

Written by Katha

EP Line-Up: 

Andy Cahalin – Lead Guitar/Bass

Matthew Burnham – Rhythm Guitar/Bass

Cayle Charlton – Vocals

Derek Hill – Drums

Live Band Line Up:

Andy Cahalin – Lead Guitar

Matthew Burnham – Rhythm Guitar

Cayle Charlton – Vocals

Colton Hession – Bass

Derek Hill – Drums


1. Pestilence of Man

2. Forsaken 

3. Lethocerus 

4. Home

5. Journey to Nothing 



The Beginning (EP) - 2019

Aspect of Creation (EP) - 2021