RO1 - Eighteen


Album: Eighteen

Genre: Contemporary (mainly) instrumental progmetal

Release Date: August 1st 2020

Country: Australia

Label: Unsigned


With my October shout-out for Blessed Altar Zine, I’d like to introduce you to the music of a talented, young man, based in Australia: ROHAN SHARMA. A while ago, I came across his debut album “Eighteen” on Bandcamp, which was released on August 1st 2020. It’s a mainly instrumental, modern progmetal release, with the focus on his great keyboard playing, but supported by RAHUL SHARMA on guitars, and several guest musicians. Let’s take a closer look:

The album opens with “Alone” and a beautiful, light piano melody, then becomes faster, with modern rhythmic and great keyboard sounds and runs. The guitar brings in a good pinch of heaviness. 

Over the next songs, he tells his story in a mesmerizing way. “Hi School” has a kind of curious, optimistic vibe. Track No3, “La Nouvelle Fille,” is simply amazing. It starts with accordion and violin, has this strong French attitude in the music, but the contrast with the riffs, that join in later, makes it special.

There are only two songs with vocals on “Eighteen”: “Carnival”, and “Jigsaw Puzzle” at the end, which both can be best described as contemporary progmetal. “1+8=18” is a short keyboard interlude, followed by the heaviest track of the album, “Badassery”, with djent driven rhythmic, and an amazing guest guitar solo by Richard Henshall (Haken). With “Playtime”, things are getting playful again, musically more into the jazz and melodic metal direction.

ROHAN SHARMA has a beautiful lightness in his music, but with serious musicianship and a good heaviness. The 8 songs are all different in mood, and make you feel various kind of situations and emotions. All musicians on “Eighteen” bring in great technical skills, the virtuoso keyboard- and guitar playing is impressive. Thanks to the varied song-writing and musical flow, the listening experience stays entertaining over the whole album. Lend them an ear. 


Keyboard and programming - Rohan Sharma

Guitar - Rahul Sharma

Guest musicians:

Thomas Cucé (vocals in 'Carnival' and 'Jigsaw Puzzle')

Lucas De La Rosa (guitar solo on 'Carnival')

Richard Henshall (guitar solo on 'Badassery')

Alain Ibrahim (guitar solo on 'Hi School')

Victor Hernandez (guitar solo on 'Jigsaw Puzzle')

Charlie McCarthy (violin on 'La Nouvelle Fille')

Pieter Moons (acoustic guitar on 'Jigsaw Puzzle')

Music and lyrics by Rohan Sharma
Co-produced by Karim B. Sinno


1. Alone

2. Hi School

3. La Nouvelle Fille

4. Carnival

5. 1+8=18

6. Badassery

7. Playtime

8. Jigsaw Puzzle