SHUMAUN - Memories & Intuition


Album: Memories & Intuition

Genre: Heavy Progrock

Release Date: September 10th, 2021

Country: USA

Label: Self-Released


Originally being the brainchild of US-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Farhad Hossain, who started SHUMAUN years ago, the project evolved and, after several changes in the line-up, meanwhile sees Jose Mora on bass and Tyler Kim on guitars as well. The band released a self-titled debut in 2015, the sophomore album “One Day Closer to Yesterday” in 2019, and now added “Memories & Intuition” to their discography (out since September 10th, 2021), which also has some illustrious guest musicians on board. 

Musically speaking, they don’t hesitate and start straight-away with “A Subtle Invocation”, a powerful mid-tempo track, offering varied rhythmic and groovy bass-lines. The guitars build a heavy basis, and the keyboards add some blinking sounds here and there. Vocal-wise, Farhad has a wide range, with me liking the warm, deeper tone more than the high notes.

The following “Prisoners” is different from what the title suggests and might please fans of 70s prog thanks to the positive, light-hearted vibe and its beautiful melody. “Memories of Water” was the first single and comes along memorable and accessible. “Jabriel's Song” is an instrumental track with the focus on the mesmerizing guitar playing, inviting the listener to drift away for a moment. Thinking about the first times I listened to “Memories & Intuition”, this was the point where they gained my full attention.

Next up is “Invincible”, which starts with some eastern influenced harmonies and rhythms, then turns into a powerful progmetal song with several twists and a great dynamic, only the chorus lacks a bit of tension for me. “Under the Sun” and “Tides” slow things down for a moment, but convince with amazing soundscapes and beautiful melodies. “The Pursuit of Happiness” has Atma Anur on drums and comes along with an awesome rhythmic. It’s another instrumental song, offering jazzy moments as well as heavier parts, and is one of my favorites here. 

“Intuition Underground” brings in some 80’s rock feeling, but even though it sounds groovy and accessible at first, some interesting things happen in the background, worth to listen closer. With 9 minutes, “Breathing Light” is the longest track on “Memories & Intuition” and offers all ingredients for a prog-lovers heart, with odd time signatures, sophisticated playing, and a good pinch of heaviness. The album fades out in a beautiful way with “A Planetary Shift” and, last but not least, “The Day we Said Goodbye”. 

I have to admit that “Memories & Intuition” didn’t grab me at first listen, but somehow the cover artwork drew me in again, and I’m glad about as the music deserved another chance to grow. Even though there are some lengths inbetween, there is a lot to discover, especially in the second half of the album. SHUMAUN have a great sense for melodies and harmonies, combine it with varied rhythmic and interesting changes in their song-writing. Thanks to the well-balanced mixing, the songs are a real listening pleasure. All-together, SHUMAUN created an amazing progrock album, alternating between softer and heavier tracks, with the last mentioned being my personal favorites, as well as the instrumental songs. 

Written by Katha


Farhad Hossain - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Jose Mora - Bass

Tyler Kim - Guitars

Drums: Thomas Lang (Tracks 2, 5, 9, 10)

Drums: Mark Zonder (Tracks 1, 3)

Drums: Atma Anur (Tracks 4, 7)

Drums: Leo Margarit (Tracks 6, 8)

Drums: Chris DeChiara (Track 11)

Additional keyboards on “Tides” by Bill Whitney


1. A Subtle Invocation

2. Prisoners

3. Memories of Water

4. Jabriel’s Song

5. Invincible

6. Under the Sun

7. The Pursuit of Happiness

8. Tides

9. Intuition Underground

10. Breathing Light

11. A Planetary Shift

12. The Day We Said Goodbye


Shumaun - 2015

One Day Closer to Yesterday - 2019

Memories & Intuition - 2021