SILVERLANE - Inside Internal Infinity


Album: Inside Internal Infinity

Genre: Melodic Powermetal

Release Date: January 28th, 2022

Country: Germany

Label: Drakkar Entertainment


A promo coming along with the words “Once upon a time in beautiful Franconia” will inevitably arouse my curiosity, as this being a part of Bavaria as well, said band might be seen as “just around the corner” (at least from my point of view ;-) The story began in 1995 with the siblings Chris, Dodo and Simon founding SILVERLANE in their parents’ garage.  After having released two albums in 2008 and 2010, they became quiet music-wise - just to return in 2022, with some changes in the line-up and a brand-new album, “Inside Internal Infinity” (out since January 28th via Drakkar Entertainment). Basti Kirchdörfer took over the drums, and Tom Klossek is now the man behind the mic.

After a short “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, they don’t hesitate and open with a mighty, Rammstein-like riff. Fortunately, this is the only similarity, and when Tom Klossek starts singing for the first time SILVERLANE's strength gets obvious, as his powerful voice convinced me at once. The song moves on with a stomping mid-tempo rhythmic, also offering huge keyboard harmonies and a catchy chorus. 

This description could be used for most of the following songs, as they continue using this formula with a few exceptions, but offer enough variety to keep things interesting. There is a certain energy and passion into their music that grabs me, and some of their melody lines tend to get stuck in my head. Every now and then, we get a short, virtuoso guitar solo, which is highly appreciated. The keyboards bring in a modern sound, with the background orchestration giving the songs a strong basis. Sometimes, this gets too much, as the production tends to drown the details, like a cemballo in "Blessed" for example - if you listen very closely, you might hear it nevertheless. 

My favorite songs are "I Universe", "Blessed" and "Medusa" because of their great dynamic, the weakest for me are the two ballads "Soul of Tears" and "Für Immer und Ewig". They're well sung and surely will find their audience, but are just not my cup of tea honestly. 

All-together, SILVERLANE are back with a powerful, modern-sounding album, that invites to sing along. The song-structures are clear, but with enough fresh ideas to hold up the listeners attention. All musicians deliver their parts to the great whole, with the band acting as a strong unit. The most striking element is the expressive vocal performance for me, which lifts the songs to another level. The production is strength and weakness at the same time, as I like the full sound, but giving more space for the little details would have been welcomed. Last but not least, I'm sure that "Inside Internal Infinity" would work great in a live setting. Keeping fingers crossed this will be possible again in the foreseeable future. 

Written by Katha


Tom Klossek -  Vocals

Uli Holzermer - Lead Guitar

Chris Alexander - Guitar

Daniel Saffer - Bass

Basti Kirchdörfer - Drums, Percussion


1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

2. I Universe 

3. Blessed 

4. Hero Inn Sunset Club 

5. Leviathan Rising 

6. Medusa 

7. Soul Of Tears 

8. Scorched Earth 

9. Für Immer Und Ewig Feat. Patty Gurdy 

10. Life To Die For 


My Inner Demon - 2008  

Above the Others - 2010

Inside Internal Infinity - 2022