SOLUM - Encountering Murk


Album: Encountering Murk

Genre: Instrumental prog

Release Date: November 5th, 2021

Country: Sweden

Label: Self-released


After having released one of my favorite records in 2020 with his band VULKAN, the announcement of guitarist Christian Fredriksson working on an instrumental solo album filled me with excitement. The project got the name SOLUM, and after some delays due to the current situation, his debut “Encountering Murk” saw the light of day on November 5th, 2021. The portal on the cover invites us to step in, showing a brightened path with some beautiful details, but also a mystic darkness that is always nearby. So the title “Entrance” is fitting for the opening track, and it works like an overture by giving a first mesmerizing impression of what is yet to come. SOLUM manages to draw the listener in from the first second, creates beautiful soundscapes with several guitar layers and a very fine rhythmic.

“Tall Trees & Moonless Sky” comes along slow and melancholic, starting with a little, very fine piano melody, then getting great company by the guitar. A mellotron joins as well and further develops the song with its special sound. The following “Rituals” lifts up tempo, alternating between light, peaceful and heavier moments, growing over 6 minutes in an incredible way. A (drumless) interlude – “Briefly on a Quiet Path (Transition Pt.1)” – leads to “The Signal”, which could easily be used as a soundtrack. While the up-tempo rhythmic and groovy guitar work bring in a positive vibe, the melody got a sad touch, but the result is a catchy song, with the long breakdown in the middle building up tension towards the end. “A Constant Reminder (Transition Pt.2)”, another interplay without drums, takes us to the final opus “Entity”, which offers many twists and turns, even some blast beats, but always in a natural flow, showing once more Christian's amazing sense for harmonies and excellent song-writing skills.

“Encountering Murk” is a mesmerizing listening experience in its entirety. Christian Fredriksson knows how to create mystical soundscapes and to compose music in a great variety as well as an amazing flow. The songs have a certain lightness, but nevertheless an atmospheric depth. And sometimes, it’s the little things that make the sound special: a moments of silence, a light piano melody or just a bright tone here and there… With this debut, SOLUM offer a very fine piece of music - Listen closely, there is a lot to discover.

Written by Katha


Christian Fredriksson - Guitar, bass, percussion, drums on track 2

Thomas Rom - Drums on track 5

Johan Norbäck - Drums and percussion on track 1 & 3

Tobias Gustafsson - Drums on track 7

Olle Edberg - Piano on track 2


1. Entrance

2. Tall Trees & Moonless Sky

3. Rituals

4. Briefly On A Quiet Path (Transition Pt.1)

5. The Signal

6. A Constant Reminder (Transition Pt.2)

7. Entity


Encountering Murk - 2021