SORCERER - Reign of the Reaper


Album: Reign of the Reaper

Genre: Epic Heavy / Doom Metal

Release Date: October 27th, 2023

Country: Sweden

Label: Metal Blade Records



Since I was lucky to see powerhouse SORCERER blowing the roof off at last year’s Sweden Rock Festival with their high-energetic show, I was even more excited to hear their new album “Reign of the Reaper”, that came out on October 27th via Metal Blade Records, and what can I say… It’s a banger! 

The opening track "Morning Star" takes us straight onto a relentless journey through the kingdom of Pandemonium and hell itself, already giving a great impression of what we can expect over the next 47 minutes: mighty heavy metal in the classical sense rooted in the work of Black Sabbath, but with their own signature and a modern production. 

What stands out for me is the fantastic guitar work, both with huge riffs and furious solos, as well as the powerful vocal performance, but of course the rhythm section doesn’t have to hide away, building a full-sounding, diverse basis that carries the songs. Being a proggy at heart, my favorites are clearly the faster tracks, especially "Thy Kingdom Will Come", yet I can't deny a certain fascination for the epic doom parts here, and the ballad ‘Eternal Sleep’ is supposed to deliver some goosebump moments. All-together a marvelous record, leaving me curious to see how the music might unfold in a live setting.

Written by Katha


1. Morning Star

2. Reign of the Reaper

3. Thy Kingdom Will Come

4. Eternal Sleep

5. Curse of Medusa

6. Unveiling Blasphemy

7. The Underworld

8. Break of Dawn


Anders Engberg - Vocals

Kristian Niemann - Guitar, Vocals

Peter Hallgren - Guitar, Vocals

Justin Biggs - Bass

Richard Evensand - Drums