SPEKTRVM - Blood for Heaven


Album: Blood for Heaven

Genre: Heavy Rock / Metal

Release Date: June 8th, 2022

Country: Greece

Label: Sliptrick Records


Greek quintet SPEKTRVM woke my interest already a while before I could hear a single note because of their amazing visual presentation on social media. So I followed their announcements, curious about what they would have to offer music-wise. Now, their debut came out on July 8th, 2022 via Sliptrick Records, and the expressive cover artwork by Giannis Nakos ( @remedyartdesign ) already gives a first impression of the musical and lyrical direction, as “Blood for Heaven” deals with different social and political failings in our society.

"Gift of Oizys" sets the mood with some atmospheric chords and soundscapes, before the title track hits in with a powerful opening riff and pounding mid-tempo rhythmic. Singer Thanos has a distinctive voice, which fits well to the music and angry lyrics about the church's mendacity. “War of Chameleon” remains in the same, heavy rocking fields, then gets a bit slower while it progresses. These changes in tempo appear over the whole record, supporting the thought-provoking messages of the songs in an good way. 

The following “Leviathan” might be my favorite here, as it comes along rough, catchy and expressive in one. “Trying to Breathe” is about being in a depressive state of mind, with the distorted sound and slow, dark feel of the music catching it in an intense way. 

Over the second half, they further play with these above mentioned ingredients, delivering an angry, energetic "Rain Fire", then getting more melancholic during "Without Borders" or "Green God". They manage to hold the listeners attention nearly over the full length of 43 minutes, just at the end, they lose me a bit.  

“Blood for Heaven” is a strong, straight rocking debut, with several tempo changes during the songs underlining the messages and keeping the music interesting. Even though the slower tracks are well done and fit to the thought-provoking topics, my favorites are clearly the faster, more powerful parts. The band's visual apperance is professional and eye-catching, the great cover artwork fits well to their sound. All-together, SPEKTRVM line themselves up into the quickly growing row of amazing bands coming from Greece, worth to give them a spin.  

Written by Katha


Thanos Zabetakis – Vocals

George Zikas – Guitar

Nicholas Dhamo – Guita

Michael Pouliezos – Bass

Lyo Panagiotopoulos – Drums


1. Gift Of Oizys

2. Blood For Heaven

3. War Of Chameleon

4. Leviathan

5. Trying To Breathe

6. Rain Fire

7. Without Borders

8. Green God

9. Rotten World 


Blood for Heaven - 2022