SPLICE - Crypsoria's Echoes


EP: Crypsoria's Echoes

Genre: Brutal, Melodic Death Metal

Release Date: October 19th, 2023

Country: France

Label: Self-Released


With their affinity for theatrical epic, several French bands have won me over in recent months, and SPLICE quickly lined themselves up with their new EP “Crypsoria’s Echoes”, which is the quintet’s first release since their debut album 10 years ago. Don’t let yourself fool by the colorful cover artwork, this is neither Disney- nor Powermetal, but brutal yet melodic Death Metal! 

On the one side, we can hear beautiful orchestral and choir arrangements, building up huge harmonic layers in the background, with some wonderful piano or organ parts shining through the mighty soundscapes. On the other side, we have the band firing on all cylinders with relentless blast beats, vigorous riffs, and mighty growls, taking us on a wild journey. All-together a surprising, exciting find, with the five songs blowing your mind like the thunderstorm growing over the artwork’s protagonist...

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)


1. The Mountains Of Infinite Knowledge

2. All Hail The Long Eared King

3. A Crown Of Dying Leaves

4. The Sharp Sounds Of The Blades

5. Guardians Of The Bones Chapel