SPURV - Brefjære


Album: Brefjære

Genre: Instrumental Post / Progrock

Release Date: September 22nd, 2023

Country: Norway

Label: Pelagic Records


Ever wondered how a mythical conversation between the wind, a mountain, a birch tree and a butterfly would sound like? Norwegian instrumental post / progrock masters SPURV unveiled their vision of it on September 22nd with “Brefjære”, even though this shouldn't be seen as much as a talk in the classical sense, but more as a collection of four monologues spanning an exchange across eight songs. The different characters are represented by choir and soloists, each expressing their own realities as well as their interrelatedness in Norwegian language. 

As diverse and mystical as the characters are, so is the music, yet the different, stylistic elements are interwoven in a mesmerizing way. Opening with a soundscape that reminds of an orchestra tuning their instruments, you can hear the harmonies growing in there, emulating the crooked birch tree swaying in the wind, before a fourteen-piece choir smoothly joins.    

With the heavier «En brennende vogn over jordet» they show a rougher side with distorted guitar sounds, taking us along winding mountain paths and past dangerous ledges, but also offering beautiful moments to rest. The following "Som skyper" has a light melody which gets played in variations by different instruments and sung by the choir, but the bass is somehow dancing a bit on its own underneath until they all unite, which has an epic effect. "Til en ny vår" picks up this main theme, starts quiet and peaceful, then builds it up slowly but surely with every repeat to the great finale.    

"Å vente er å endre" comes along minimalistic, but incredibly intense with a touch of guitar and melancholic vocals, interrupted by some wild string interplays. For "Urdråpene", things get epic again, before the choir closes with "Din pust fra stein". 

I'm fascinated by the artistic vision behind “Brefjære” and its flawless, musical transposition. Everything flows, brings together a variety of stylistic elements and genres in a natural way with the focus on the overall sound experience. The songs have a certain lightness, but nevertheless an atmospheric depth, not losing any of their tension even during the most silent passages. In my ears, SPURV created a piece of art by painting a wonderful picture with their soundscapes to take the listeners to the Northern fields for a while - Dive in and enjoy :-)

Written by Katha


1. Krokete, rettskafen

2. En brennende vogn over jordet

3. Som skyer

4. Under himmelhvelvingen

5. Til en ny vår

6. Å vente er å endre

7. Urdråpene

8. Din pust fra stein


Gustav Jørgen Pedersen – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocal on #4, percussion

Herman Otterlei – electric guitar

Hans-Jakob Jeremiassen – bass

Simon Ljung – drums

Eirik Ørevik Aadland – electric guitar, lap steel guitar, glockenspiel, trumpet,

Simen Eifring – trombone, percussion

Guest musicians
Tåran Reindal (Leonov) – vocal on #6
Jørgen Bagheera Apeness – vibraphone
Kari Rønnekleiv – violin
Ole-Henrik Moe – violin, viola, cello, picoletto violin
Inger Hannisdal – solo violin on #2 and #7

Choir – Margrethe Lunde, Marthe Ødegård Olsen, Sanna Emilie Jensen Karlsrud, Kari Lisa Eide, Astrid Wøllo, Hege Nesset, Julia Nelson, Juliane Lauen Singstad, Linn Gaustadnes Hansen, David Sidi John Bakke, Tobias Føyen, Tor Haakon Bekkevold, Gustav Jørgen Pedersen, Eirik Ørevik Aadland