STRUCTURAL - Decrowned


Album: Decrowned

Genre: Progressive Tech Death

Release Date: June 23rd, 2023

Country: Israel

Label: Vicisolum Records


This week, Greek painter Giannis Nakos (Remedy Art Design) appears even twice in our review section, as he created the bright cover for symphonic powermetal band Pyramaze (find it here), as well as the rather gloomy artwork for “Decrowned”, which is the 2nd album of Israeli progressive techdeath quintet STRUCTURAL - And as different as they look they also sound…

Throughout the 45 minutes playing time of “Decrowned”, we can hear well-balanced sound textures by a band that skillfully melt brutality and melody. On the harsh side, we have relentless screamed and growled vocals, the distorted, mind blowing guitar work, and pummeling drums, coming along with pushing, complex rhythm patterns, yet with a certain groove. 

The bass delivers incredibly fast runs with a hard-hitting tone, sometimes supporting the guitars on the same melody lines, sometimes on its own, winding paths, which are highly recommended to follow. On the melodious side, we have the rather clean-sounding lead guitar, alternating between furious and virtuosic playing, and a well-placed background orchestration adding some extra harmonic elements. 

While over the first few listens, the rough aspects of STRUCTURAL’s music are very dominant, it quickly reveals more and more details that make “Decrowned” a real highlight for me.

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)