SYLVATICA - Ashes and Snow


Album: Ashes and Snow

Genre: Melodic / Progressive Deathmetal

Release Date: April 20th, 2021

Country: Denmark

Label: Satanath Records


What a great month this April has been for new releases, coming up in an incredible variety. So again, it wasn’t easy to pick only one album for my monthly shout-out at Blessed Altar Zine, but here we go with a worthy contender that shouldn’t be missed if you like your metal without genre boundaries: SYLVATICA is a band from Denmark, was formed in 2009, and released their debut “Evil Seeds” in 2014. The second album “Ashes and Snow” is out since April 20th, 2021 and offers melodic, catchy epicness, mixed with lots of shredding and a good pinch of Viking madness (for which I have a soft spot honestly 😉).

Lyrically, SYLVATICA create an image of the fragile nature of our civilization and meddle in apocalyptic themes, misanthropy, and cosmology, which can already be seen in the detailed cover artwork. Take a moment to dive into the pictured scenery, the intro “Daybreak” will do the rest to bring you there. But don’t let your senses fool you by the lovely harp or piano chords… the rest of the album is set to blow your mind.

Musically speaking, “Ashes and Snow” is an incredible melting pot: throw in the darkness of death metal with its punchy rhythmic and powerful growls, add the guitar virtuosity of progressive power- and the orchestration of symphonic metal, and you’ll get the epic foundation for the six songs. Then stir in a bit of folk here and there, as well as the one or other sing-along refrain. Since all these ingredients are blended with great song-writing and amazing musicianship, the impressive result is a real listening pleasure. My favorite songs are the title track and “Creation”, as well as the great finale “Halls of Extinction”.

What are you waiting for? Crank it up, and have a blast \m/ 

Written by Katha


Jardén Schlesinger - Guitar, vocals

Christian Christiansen - Guitar

Jacques Harm Brandt Hauge - Drums

Thomas Rysgaard Haxen - Bass, backing vocals


1. Daybreak

2. Ashes And Snow

3. Pillars Of Light

4. Creation

5. Cosmic Strings

6. Helios

7. Halls Of Extinction


Evil Seeds - 2014

Ashes and Snow - 2021