SYLVATICA - Cadaver Synod


Album: Cadaver Synod

Genre: Progressive Melodic Death Metal

Release Date: October 20th, 2023

Country: Denmark

Label: Mighty Music


Danish Melodic Death Metal quartet SYLVATICA already crossed my musical path back in 2021 and quickly convinced with their genre bending 2nd record “Ashes and Snow” (find my review for it here), so album Number 3 was highly anticipated. Their new one got the lovely title “Cadaver Synod”, saw the light of day on October 20th, 2023, and like the cover artwork might suggest, they take us to the dark Middle Ages lyrically. 

Musically, they cook the different stories in a kind of Uriah Heep meets Phantom of the Opera melting pot, spiced up with pummeling drums, mighty yet virtuosic guitar work, powerful growls, and some well-placed Gregorian chants. The creative use of different key instruments, especially the huge organ sound, adds something mystical and sublime, which is best heard in "Strife", "Titivillus" and "Song of the Leper". 

While I liked SYLVATICA's previous album already a lot, “Cadaver Synod” is a huge step forward for these crazy Vikings, moving away from earlier folk influences (besides some little hints) and the rather symphonic dominated style on the 2nd release towards a heavier, more progressive approach, with the music being faster and more dynamic thanks to a wider variety in the songwriting. All-together, this record is a great, entertaining listen over its 40 minutes playing time - Crank it up!

Written by Katha 


1. Strife

2. Papa Poltergeist

3. Titivillus

4. Pope Innocent VIII

5. Song Of The Leper

6. Scapegoat

7. In The Eyes Of God

8. Song Of The Leper (acoustic)


Jarden Schlesinger - Vokals, Guitar

Thomas Haxen - Bass

Jacques Harm Brandt Hauge - Drums

Christian Christiansen - Guitar