SYNDRONE - Neogenesis


Album: Neogenesis

Genre: Instrumental Progmetal

Release Date: February 22nd, 2022

Country: Switzerland

Label: Self-Released


Collaborations of artists are always a great chance to discover something interesting new. In this case, it was the guest solo by Andy Gillion that brought SYNDRONE to my attention, and I’m glad he did :-) Marco Puglisi is the guitar wizard behind this instrumental project. He’s heading from Switzerland, and released his second album “Neogenesis” on February 22nd, 2022. Just like his debut “Chaos Mechanics” from 2018, it was entirely self-produced (composing, recording, mixing, mastering), and besides two short guest appearances, this is a real solo record.

Music-wise, he offers this epic kind of cyber metal shredding in style of artists like Paul Wardingham or the already mentioned Andy Gillion. Groovy rhythm guitar and mighty, dark background orchestration build a huge basis for his lead guitar work, that comes along with excellent skills and an amazing virtuosity. Even the fastest runs are played incredibly smooth, but with all highly technical playing, he never forgets the melody and overall listening experience. While most of the tracks are fast with a pushing rhythmic, there are also some short, calmer interplays, which gives the music even more dynamic. All-together, “Neogenesis” is a great album, recommended ffo modern, powerful guitar wizardry.

Written by Katha


Marco Puglisi


1. Neogenesis

2. Doomsday Apocalypse (feat. Tramaine)

3. Outworld

4. Artificial Gemini

5. Android God Revolution (feat. Andy Gillion)

6. Gateway to A New Aeon

7. Blackshift

8. Alien Deathwave

9. Protocol 69

10. Entering The Oblivion Sphere

11. Cosmic Transmission


Chaos Mechanics - 2018

Neogenesis - 2022