TARDIGRADE INFERNO - Arrival of a Train (EP)


EP: Arrival of a Train

Genre: Avantgarde Metal

Release Date: May 19th, 2023

Country: Australia

Label: Self-Released


“Never judge a book by its cover” are wise words, and in case of “Arrival of a Train” I have to admit that it sounds totally different than I’d have expected from the first visual impression. Yes, TARDIGRADE INFERNO’s train rolls in really heavy because of the fat guitar sound and the often pushing rhythmic, but it also comes along refreshingly cheeky thanks to the unique, theatrical vocal performance and the use of circus sounds like a creaking organ. 

The four, rather short songs, are full of contrasts, with a certain morbid charm on the one side, but also colorful and entertaining as only cabaret can be. Lyrically, they offer a farce, a body horror exercise about humanity, a post-apocalypse, and occult devilry, all presented with a good pinch of irony. TARDIGRADE INFERNO are clearly not afraid to experiment in writing expressive, crazy music, and if you aren’t either in your listening habits, give them a spin to join their grotesque carnival.

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)