TERMINALIST - The Crisis as Condition


Album : The Crisis as Condition

Genre: Hyperthrash

Release Date: September 8th, 2023

Country: Denmark / USA

Label: Indisciplinarian


I have to admit I’m not the best thrash connoisseur, but when it comes with a strong progressive approach, I’m surely all ears. In case of Danish-American hyperthrash metal band TERMINALIST, who already landed their first spaceship here in 2021, I was keen on hearing where their journey would take them next. While “The Great Acceleration” was a commentary on the (future) space race and the inherently destructive side of technology, science fiction fantasies have been shelved for their new album in favor of a fierce analysis and castigation of contemporary crisis-ridden society, as “The Crisis as Condition” is a simultaneously detached and impassioned look at the present. 

Musically speaking, they developed even further since their already amazing debut, whether in terms of song-writing, musicianship, or the overall sound experience. The final result is an ambitious, powerful record with mighty riffs, hard-hitting yet groovy drumming, marvelous, playful guitar solos, and raspy, haunting vocals.  You will find a lot of the earlier mentioned thrash elements into their compositions, but they don’t mind to embed whatever style suits the songs, from extreme to melodic influences, making “The Crisis as Condition” a great listen in its entirety. 

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)


1. Life Won’t Last

2. The Crisis As Condition

3. A Future To Weave

4. Last Remains

5. Frenetic Standstill

6. Mutating Fractures

7. Move In Strife


Emil Hansen – vocals, guitar

Morten R. Bruun – guitar

Kalle Tiihonen – bass, backing vocals

Frederik Amris – drums


The Great Acceleration - 2021

The Crisis as Condition - 2023