THEANDRIC - Flight Among the Tombs


EP: Flight Among the Tombs

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: February 11th, 2022

Country: USA

Label: Self-Released


Sometimes, good things can be pretty close, and in case of bassist Paul Tiseo, who had been writing songs under the name THEANDRIC since 2011, it turned out that the right musicians to take this project into a full-fledged band were living in his backyard. Heading from Detroit (Michigan), the four-piece got connected by their love for the legendary heavy metal bands, and started jamming some of these classical tunes, but also to work on own songs, with their first EP “Flight Among the Tombs” now being set to release on February 11th, 2022. The mystic cover artwork gives a beautiful impression about the lyrical direction. 

Opening with mighty organ chords, that soon get company by the guitars and challenge themselves with the first alternating solo runs, I’m already sold. The vocals join after three minutes, reminding me so much of URIAH HEEP in their tone, that I had to check who’s singing here - It’s Paul Tiseo, and he does an amazing job. "Flight Among the Tombs" is a hymn, what a great way to introduce your band to the audience!  

Track No2 starts with a catchy bagpipe melody, which is overtaken by the other instruments and appears in variations during the whole song. The marching rhythmic adds the right energy, and together they take us to “The Battle of Sherramuir”. The following “Condemned to Death” comes along slow, heavy and dark, with whining guitar sound and an expressive vocal performance. “Ozymandias” gives me once more strong URIAH HEEP vibes (in the best sense), and it’s a great finale for this short-whiled debut. 

After having taken my heart within the first two minutes, I enjoyed "Flight Among the Tombs" a lot. Considering the mystical cover artwork and their sound, I wouldn’t have guessed that this band is from the US, but somewhere from the Scottish highlands. With four tracks and nearly thirty minutes of playing time, the listener gets a great impression of their musical as well as song-writing abilities. THEANDRIC introduce themselves with an amazing record, highly recommended ffo traditional and progressive metal.

Written by Katha


Paul Tiseo – Vocals, Bass, Keys, Guitars

Bill Bogue – Guitars

Aaron Wienczak – Guitars

Matt Voss - Drums


1. Flight Among The Tombs

2. The Battle of Sherramuir

3. Condemned to Death

4. Ozymandias


Flight Among the Tombs (EP) - 2022